Rapid Work Flow Prototyping

Work Flow OS is a standalone work flow automation engine. It can be plugged through a data adapter into any existing system, where existing data can be used to make decisions and drive and automate business processes.

Built on top on the php/mySQL stack, Work Flow OS allows a very user friendly workflow modeling designer. It allows design of long and short running workflows using states and business rules, where all business parameters and activities are custom configured to fit the business. States and processes have definable entry and exit points based on time schedules, user input or business data.

Because of the modular nature, deployment of Work Flow OS can take a few hours or a few days, depending on the complexity of other pre-existing systems.

Personalized and timely communication to your customers creates a sense of transparency and confidence. With Work Flow OS as your message center, you can customize timing, content, and channel based on business needs.

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