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"Like the Soviet empire, the American empire is now a confusing black box.

It does things and makes noises, but none of it can be accepted on its face, so the world is left to guess.

As citizens, we are forced to rely on private networks and create our own narratives to explain what we are seeing.

There is the public truth and then millions of private truths.

This is the result of black-box government.

It is a wilderness of lies propagated as news."

-The Z Man


When discussing certain topics, it's useful to have one or more references to where the topic originated or was shared.

Should you find yourself at a cocktail party or a tailgate gathering, and have said refs, this makes you both potentially interesting and intelligent. Who would not want that?

FYI: Often the best sauce is found within the thread of posts/articles.

Also, should you be the author of original content, you can upload here so we can share within our exclusive members-only group of critical thinkers.

Sauce we collect here must meet one or more of these

This was created to share credible or potentially credible sources with others. Here you can promote a valid sauce or challenge one that needs to be exposed. Or if you are new here, you can just click stuff and be informed/amused.

This is also to poke fun of things and provide healthy input. Without some healthy fun, what's the point?

The plan is to not use IDs & PWs. No email validation. No profile to config. AND no zoom meetings.

Only catch: If you want access, you must be invited. To get that process started, feel free to get the ball rolling via our fun howdy form or click this to see a sample of our data.

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