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FBI looking into new home grown terrorist organization

FBI Discovers Building Full Of Dangerous Extremists Organizing Acts Of Terror Across Country
Memes reflecting our new norm   4 days ago

It used to be that memes were funny. Now they are guidelines, soon to be rules.
COVID cases double in one week   4 days ago
delta, scary stats
Health officials are sounding the alarm over rapidly-increasing COVID cases this week as the Delta variant of the virus continues to wreak havoc across the nation. The latest numbers show the prevalence of the virus has doubled this week from a total of two cases to four.
Foosball circa 2011   6 days ago
foosball, beer, good old days
Time flies even when you're not playing foosball
Biden makes it clear - Do not come here for freedom   7 days ago
cubans babylon
WASHINGTON, D.C -- President Joe Biden has taken a tough stance against Cuban refugees. While Biden usually welcomes anyone especially illegal immigrants to America, the Cubans are different, because when they come here they might commit malicious acts, such as voting Republican. Thus Biden is trying to dissuade Cubans from...
Mumford book from 1609 on Amazon for $878   1 wk ago
lewis mumford, myth of machine
Only one left. Grab it before it's gone.
Allegiant Air makes giant 17 hour fail   1 wk ago
airline keystone cops
What was supposed to be an hour-long Allegiant Air flight from Las Vegas to Stockton turned into a 17-hour ordeal for dozens of passengers. The original arrival was planned for 9 p.m. on Monday, but Jade Watts and other passengers finally landed at Stockton Airport on Tuesday at 2 p.m.
Tonya and her darn skates   1 wk ago
Tonya Harding - 1994 Lillehammer Olympic
This has been enjoyed 10,775,899 times. Likely 0 by Tonya
CPS Students cannot read but have passed CRT   2 wks ago
Chicago Public Schools, Critical Race Theory, Lost School Year
CHICAGO, ILâ€'Local second-grader Scotty Watkins isn’t able to read yet, but his teachers say he’s showing great promise in Critical Race Theory (CRT) classes and is currently racist at a 12th-grade level. “Scotty’s progress is truly remarkable,” said his teacher Sandra Martinelli. “Though he can’t read full sentences yet, he’s in...


How US planned to invade Cuba   5 mons ago

Non expert opinion of Ivermectin   3 days ago
Covid, Hoax, Vaccines, HCQ, Ivervmectin
Except for one thing. It appears that one of the pivotal, key trials of ivermectin in humans may be an elaborate work of scientific fraud. It’s hard to know if the study even happened. If true, this may mean that ivermectin has absolutely no benefit for COVID-19, and 10s of...
Gates pandemic fire squad   5 mons ago
global alert system

Gab Hacked Including Private Data   5 mons ago
SQL injection DDoSecrets breach GabLeaks

Spanish flu vaccine   4 mons ago
bacterial meningitis history

An inverted rabbit hole perspective   3 mons ago

Maybe this is a better way to look at going 'down' the rabbit hole. Maybe the critical thinkers are the ones to actually rise from the hole while the zombies remain in the dark

Health and COVID Crapola

Biden Town Hall with Lemon
Covid, Hoax, Vaccines, Town Hall
President Joe Biden expressed pointed frustration Wednesday over the slowing COVID-19 vaccination rate in the U.S. and pleaded that it’s “gigantically important” for Americans to step up and get inoculated against the virus as it surges once again.
OMG! Gamma variant is here! Highly Contageous!   14 hrs ago
Covid, Hoax, Vaccines, Gamma
Even those vaccinated were infected. But here's the catch, those that had covid and built up anti bodies, did not catch GAMMA!
More Heavy Handedness from NFL re the jab   23 hrs ago
NFL, COVID, Hoax, Players, Vaccine
The NFL continues to create more and more incentives for players and staff to get vaccinated. In a memo distributed today by the league office, a copy of which PFT has obtained, the NFL has informed all teams that any regular-season cancellations arising in the 2021 season due to a COVID...
Rand Paul vs the Little Elf   3 days ago
Covid, Hoax, Wuhan Lab, Senate Hearing

Non expert opinion of Ivermectin   3 days ago
Covid, Hoax, Vaccines, HCQ, Ivervmectin
Except for one thing. It appears that one of the pivotal, key trials of ivermectin in humans may be an elaborate work of scientific fraud. It’s hard to know if the study even happened. If true, this may mean that ivermectin has absolutely no benefit for COVID-19, and 10s of...
Will This NFL effort spill out into the public   5 days ago
NFL, Covid, Hoax, Vaccines, Players
Obviously, if visual proof will distinguish vaccinated from non-vaccinated players, fans and media will see it, too. Which means that it will be impossible for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated to keep that information secret. The NFL already has implemented a requirement within team facilities that vaccinated players...
Does prevagen really work for memory loss?   5 days ago
memory supplements, FTC
If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen an ad for the dietary supplement Prevagen. That’s the jellyfish protein that supposedly improves your memory. Consumers have spent more than $165 million on it over the past 10 years. What did they get for all that money?
Today his only offense would be that sweater   1 wk ago
Catatonic Schizophrenic
Sweet Jesus, get the guy a piano already.
Hilarious five year health care plan for 97 year old   1 wk ago
worthless doctor visit
If you need an example of a five health care 'plan' that is fully bonkers, here ya go. This is a real document from a real doctor who was asked to provide a summary for the appointment that happened today with a 97 year old.

Conspracies and Dark Ops

If I have no internet, how can Google tell me I have none?   3 days ago
google news, misinformation
It is 100% impossible for a destination source to tell me I have no internet as the message would be unable to reach me
Lawyer wants to heal the nation   2 wks ago
paul hodgkins, jan6, crock-o-shit
How about ONE DAMN MEDIA outlet publish some tiny evidence of how this bag of scum was somehow a victim of being a Trump pawn.
Who was behind Haiti assassination?   2 wks ago
Jovenel MoĂŻse Colombian Clinton hit squad
Questions have been raised over Haiti’s official narrative for the assassination of its president, Jovenel Moïse, who was gunned down at his mansion in Port-au-Prince after starting investigation into Clinton Foundation
2016 Election Was Stolen by The Russians!   2 wks ago
hillary, corrupt media, russian hoax, 2016 election
So instead of writing a fictional book that ended up at the dollar store, why didn't any dem-tard investigate the stolen election and provide details of how they did it?
Sovereign Independent 2011 was REAL   2 wks ago
billy gates, population control
How fact-checkers work. Turns out that issue of the 2011 paper was real. However, the entire thing was said to be fake because of how the owners of the paper suggested that bill gates might want to reduce the population via jabs which he has described many times...
This is why they call it experimental   2 wks ago
This is a new one -- give double-jabbers a wide berth
It is official- I am an antivax moron   2 wks ago
Quod, suspended
All I did was post comments about the absurdity of drawing conclusions on a single experience. I never called anyone a name as they have done to me. But in the tit for a tat department ... What a bunch of thin-skinned sissy foks.
Inside the Pfizer jab   2 wks ago
Dr.Jane Ruby, graphene oxide nanoparticles
First vid I have seen that talks about what's in the jab juice.
China targets US power grid says Japan   2 wks ago
china, russia,
Japanese State Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama is now issuing a public warning that China and Russia are gearing up for a surprise attack on America.

News Headlines

Aussie view of the CNN Town Hall
Alan Jones, Sky News, Short Circuit Speaking
Joe Biden 'has to be taken out of circulation' after 'rambling about men on the moon'
Tucker gives update on Eric Fartswell   2 days ago
Swalwell, Fang Fang
What a joke our govt. is!
One thing the Aussies get right, the News   2 days ago
US Navy, Identity Politics, Gender Identitiy
Sky News host Rowan Dean says two Chinese surveillance ships “prowling” outside Australia’s territorial waters to spy on Talisman Sabre 2021 could have saved themselves the bother with a report finding the US Navy is “barely fit for purpose”.
Couple charged in deadly California wildfire   2 days ago
gender reveal fail, fire
I thought gender, especially in CA, was not known until the kid was old enough to attend some formal indoctrination style traing?
Feds about to scream water shortage    1 wk ago
Lake Meade
There's an emergency now but the government process doesn't impose water restrictions until next year. That's like closing the barn door after all the horses are gone. ...and when the hydro dams can't produce power, you're going to really find out how hot a desert gets
Miami-Dade courthouse closed due to safety concerns   2 wks ago
buildings fall down go boom
A 28-floor building located at 73 West Flagler Street in downtown Miami -- was built between 1925 and 1928. It was designated a local historic site in 1985 and, four years later, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. They closed it because a collapse is feared,...
NFL player arrested for indecency with a child   2 wks ago
Barkevious Mingo
Mingo, who currently plays for the Atlanta Falcons, was reportedly arrested on Thursday by the Arlington Police Department, and he was booked into the Tarrant County jail for indecency with a child, sexual contact
Passenger you hope to sit next to gets booted   2 wks ago
total hottie
Deniz Saypinar, a 26-year-old professional bodybuilder from Turkey, was flying to Miami when airline staff flagged her attire as inappropriate. After missing her flight, she posted an Instagram story on her social media platform of 1 million followers detailing the ordeal.
Why we do not need a Canadian wall   2 wks ago

7 immigrants sent back to Canada after using library lawn to enter US illegally

MSM Ludicrous

Renoir, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Hunter Biden???????
Biden, Psaki, Money Laundering, Art Work
Georges Bergès Gallery confirmed Biden will attend two small exhibits showcasing his large oil paintings, which are expected to go for $500,000 plus
Sniffy says under 12 years old is his focus   1 day ago
covid jab, child abuse
Sniffy expressed optimism that young children would soon become eligible for Covid-19 inoculations, while urging unvaccinated Americans to take the “gigantically important” step of getting their shots as the virus surges across the US.
Guy uses bedsheets to escape from 4th floor covid jail   2 days ago
covid, downunder, australia madness
Literally, the guy tied bedsheets together to escape from a 4th story covid holding facility
Barrack arrested in Los Angeles for helping Trump   2 days ago

Billionaire and long-time Donald Trump ally Thomas J Barrack has been arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly acting as an agent of a foreign government.
FYI- COVID recession ended in April of 2020   3 days ago
economic poppy-cock
The U.S. recession touched off by the corona virus lasted only two months, ending with a low point reached in April 2020 after the start of a sharp drop in economic activity in March of that year, as per the U.S. Business Cycle Dating Committee
Judge tosses monkey wrench into Jan6 cases   6 days ago
Jan6, DOJ, withhold evidence
A federal judge has thrown a monkey wrench into the prosecution of more than 500 Capitol riot defendants by denying the Justice Department’s request to share grand jury materials with a contractor hired to organize the massive amounts of video, social media, email and other evidence in the cases.
July 15 -- another gosh darn insurrection   1 wk ago
another erection, Joyce Beatty
US Capitol Police arrest Rep. Joyce Beatty during voting rights protest in Hart Senate Office Building The congresswoman was zip-tied and escorted out of the building
White House in cahoots with Facebook to fix information   1 wk ago
censorship, covid, facebook, whitehouse flipflops
Psaki disclosed their role in policing social media during daily press briefing after Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called on companies to purge more. The demand for censorship and Psaki’s admission of giv involvement follows a series of flip-flops from health officials who contradicted themselves throughout the pandemic
Germany reports -- Rain, lots of rain   1 wk ago
climate change, German rain
Dozens killed in flooding caused by rainfall 'not seen in 100 years' in Europe

Historical Events

WHO warns of being stupid   2 wks ago
covid hoax
As England moves towards an anticipated “big bang” lifting of coronavirus restrictions on 19 July, a senior World Health Organization official has warned countries to lift their Covid-19 restrictions slowly so as “not to lose the gains that [they] have made”.
Macron apologies for Blacks Chopping Others Up with Machetes   2 mons ago
french, france,
The French President is apologizing because France sold guns to Rwanda without knowing they were going to use them for a genocide (or whatever). This is a very strange new way to transfer responsibility for the actions of black people onto whites.
Mary-land says this is not an abberation   2 wks ago
Larry Hogan, maryland, covid delta
Last month, 130 people died of Covid-19 in Maryland. None of them were vaccinated, according to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.
Milwaukee police tackles the big issues   3 wks ago
LGBTQ Liaison Program
Milwaukee police look to grow LGBTQ Liaison Program Right now, MPD has two liaisons who are in charge of building a relationship between the LGBTQ community and law enforcement. This will certainly cut down on shootings, robberies and homicides
Twitter still scared to death of Trump   3 mons ago
oooh. ban evasion policy
As stated in our ban evasion policy, we'll take enforcement action on accounts whose apparent intent is to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account.
Words to get you fired: Shit. I thought that was my taser   3 mons ago
daunte wright, white cop on black, Minneapolis
Not sure I would call this an accidental discharge Black man killed during a traffic stop was fatally shot by a cop who mistook her gun for a Taser as per bodycam footage of the incident, showing the officer screaming, 'I am so fucked!'

Patriotism, Activism, & Culture

Pillow guy offers $5M to disprove election fraud
lindell, pillows, election fraud
Might is having a cyber security gathering in S.Dakota in August. Any who wants a crack at the title needs to be at the event, which so-far, is not open the general public.
Mix between Confirmation Bias and Hollywood   4 days ago
Trump, Russian Asset, Manchurian Candidate, Jason Bourne
Why, because the Guardian says so... Recently, a Kremlin insider did something unprecedented â€' he or she leaked the documents which appear to prove that Trump was indeed Putin’s man, a Russian plant and puppet. The documents lay out not just the Kremlin’s plan to install Trump, but its reasoning, goals,...
Intersection of philosophy, data science, math, feelings    6 days ago
Rand, Kant, Alt Right
Facts Don’t Care About Ayn Rand’s Feelings So tell the Alt-Right to stop stating their feelings as facts.
Sheet Music is Racist what is next   7 days ago
White Man Bad, Critical Race Theory, BLM
In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, the University of Oxford is considering reforms to make its music curriculum less Eurocentric. Proposed changes go well beyond broadening the curriculum from a focus on 19th-century Europe, to be more inclusive of world music. According to the Daily Mail, a...
Well rounded view of current culture war in America   7 days ago
Fascism, Communism, Democracy, Republic
The American culture war struggles to digest that information because it sees Americans as ideologies instead of people. It equates Trump and “law and order” to white supremacy and fascism. It equates communism to Clinton, Harris, feminists, blacks, and the defund the police movement. It sees America as a country...
Example of minds eye of left view of Trump   1 wk ago
CtrlAltRightDelete, Leftist Blogger
Six months out of the White House and Trump’s power, reach, and stature continues to shrink.
Sheriff Clarke on student achievement gap   1 wk ago
Chalkbeat, Education
Chalkbeat is an educational sauce board
Player loses his mind 911 operator needs to be fired   1 wk ago
NFL, Player, 911 Dispatch

Video of American flag vandal goes viral   2 wks ago
little shit, needs spanking
A video of a young child ripping up the American flag from a lawn and throwing it on the ground has gone viral, with the clip being viewed more than three million times If my kid did that he would be apologizing and then mowing that family’s grass the rest of...

Criminality & Fraud


The Next Governor of Arizona?   21 hrs ago
Political Candidate, AZ Governor
Powerful and attention keeping group of ads.
Great optics for Lindsey Graham yet useless pol   2 days ago
Immigration, Migrant Workers, Deceptive Govt. Secretary
Graham hits all the points... only problem, these points have been around for years and so has Graham, and yet nothing has been accomplished!
The Betrayal of the Trump whisperer   3 days ago
JD Vance, Squishy Center of Politics
JD Vance went from smart NeverTrumper to a MAGA clone. Why?
Sniffy- Child care, I mean child tax credit   5 days ago
gaffe machine
Sniffy attempting to explain child tax payments
Biden Nominee During Senate Hearing   5 days ago
Ted Cruz, Myrna PĂ©rez, SJudiciary Committee hearing
She can recall everything until Ted asks questions about herself. If anyone interviewed for a job like this they would never be employed.
VP Giggles-a-lot welcomes TX rep-ugees   7 days ago
texas, voting, harris,
VP Harris has 2nd meeting with Texas Democrats who fled state over restrictive voting law They are beating a dead horse. This is all they have since Trump is gone.
Editorial on For the People Act   7 days ago
House Resolution 1, Senate Bill 1, Election Reform
A recording obtained by The New Yorker of a private conference call on January 8th, between a policy adviser to Senator Mitch McConnell and the leaders of several prominent conservative groupsâ€'including one run by the Koch brothers’ networkâ€'reveals the participants’ worry that the proposed election reforms garner wide support not...
Hacky Psaki admits communism might not be good   1 wk ago
whitehouse, psaki, communism, desantis
White House press secretary Jen Psaki finally condemned communism as a 'failed ideology' as Ron DeSantis and state Dems piled pressure on President Sniffy Joe to do more to help the people of Cuba during the brutal crackdown.
Texas dems in cahoots with Beto and Willie   1 wk ago
texas, beto, election reform
The Texas Democratic lawmakers who fled the state to prevent the passage of a GOP-backed election reform bill are having their trip to DC heavily funded by Beto O’Rourke’s political action committee â€' which includes a sizable donation from country superstar Willie Nelson.

Science, Tech and Math

Using Yield in your python functions   3 days ago
Python, Functions
A useful trick to use when creating functions or just when you don’t want to create a computationaly heavy item you can use the yield object to produce a generator that can return an object on demand.
How to Use 5 Of the Most Helpful Pandas Column Operations   3 days ago
Python, PANDAS
Below you can find five of the top searched column operations on Google people want to learn how to use. Don’t forget to comment below with any others you also found useful when starting out.
Matplotlib vs Plotly   4 days ago
Python, Graphs, Charts
Many were bored with Matplotlib by this time, so Plotly was warmly welcomed for its freshness and interactivity. Still, the library couldn’t hope to steal the top spot as the king of Python plotting packages from Matplotlib.
If this is true, it does not fit left control agenda   5 days ago
Nuclear Energy, Green Energy, Political Contol
However, replicating the Sun on Earth is rather tricky, so viable fusion reactor technology is likely decades or even centuries away. So should we give up on nuclear energy? Maybe not, as uranium has a cleaner, safer cousin, thorium. When I say cousin, I mean that literally. Thorium is one across...
Speed up Inference of your scikit-learn models   6 days ago
Python, ML, AI, Hummingbird
What is Hummingbird? As mentioned above, Hummingbird is a library for accelerating inference in traditional machine learning models. Hummingbird achieves this by compiling these traditional machine learning pipelines into tensor computations. This means you can take advantage of hardware acceleration like GPUs and TPUs, even for traditional machine learning models, without...
State of the Art Models in Every Machine Learning Field 2021   6 days ago
Python, R, ML, AI
A collection of the best SOTA models in every ML field
Why vs What when commenting code   6 days ago
Python, Programming Practices
Here’s my rule of thumb â€' don’t use comments to explain the what. Instead, use them to explain the why, and only when you can’t convey the why through naming. In most cases you can leverage on good naming to convey the why.
Developer keeps backdoor for root access   6 days ago
KiwiSDR, raspberry PI
KiwiSDR is hardware that uses a software-defined radio to monitor transmissions in a local area and stream them. A largely hobbyist base of users does all kinds of cool things with the playing-card-sized devices. For instance, a user in Manhattan could connect one so people in Madrid, Spain, or Sydney,...
Max chars for domain, subs and URLs   7 days ago

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