id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2974ST. CROIX #VALUE!#VALUE!567072319032199-90098785302
2941ST. CROIX Town of HUDSONWards 1-14575124013232-83181117
2952ST. CROIX Town of TROYWards 1-7385916652113-44858019
2948ST. CROIX Town of SOMERSETWards 1-628979551888-93337011
2947ST. CROIX Town of ST. JOSEPHWards 1-6286412121584-37242016
2972ST. CROIX City of NEW RICHMONDWards 7-12268912251402-17746010
2957ST. CROIX Village of NORTH HUDSONWards 1-6255812071292-8538014
2971ST. CROIX City of NEW RICHMONDWards 1-6255510811419-33832018
2973ST. CROIX CITY OF RIVER FALLSWards 1-4,1523161225102120448019
2951ST. CROIX Town of STAR PRAIRIEWards 1-622477071498-7912509
2954ST. CROIX Village of BALDWINWards 1-622258721294-42240015
2966ST. CROIX City of HUDSONWards 3-4206510151023-81706
2968ST. CROIX City of HUDSONWards 7-81637848754942614
2940ST. CROIX Town of HAMMONDWards 1-315244441047-6032506
2959ST. CROIX Village of SOMERSETWards 1-41504537908-37137015
2969ST. CROIX City of HUDSONWards 9-1013718235123112605
2967ST. CROIX City of HUDSONWards 5-613667276031242506
2970ST. CROIX City of HUDSONWards 11-1213367235831401808
2944ST. CROIX Town of RICHMONDWards 1-21279431824-3931308
2616POLK City of ST. CROIX FALLSWards 1-41278635621141804
2942ST. CROIX Town of KINNICKINNICWards 1-31212494685-1912006
2953ST. CROIX Town of WARRENWards 1-31134396704-3082408
2965ST. CROIX City of HUDSONWards 1-21117553538152303
2958ST. CROIX Village of ROBERTSWards 1-41115456616-16024115
2945ST. CROIX Town of RICHMONDWards 3-51113393682-28926010
2956ST. CROIX Village of HAMMONDWards 1-41045423589-1662705
2935ST. CROIX Town of EAU GALLEWards 1-2762230518-2881002
2601POLK Town of ST. CROIX FALLSWards 1-2734255465-2101004
2963ST. CROIX Village of WOODVILLEWards 1-2713240454-2141007
2964ST. CROIX City of GLENWOOD CITYWards 1-2656176468-292804
2932ST. CROIX Town of BALDWINWards 1-2612173429-256504
2949ST. CROIX Town of SPRINGFIELDWard 1592182397-2151101
2950ST. CROIX Town of STANTONWard 1567206353-147404
2936ST. CROIX Town of EMERALDWard 1514148348-2001007
2933ST. CROIX Town of CADYWard 1507146354-208502
2939ST. CROIX Town of GLENWOODWard 1469119337-218713
2937ST. CROIX Town of ERIN PRAIRIEWard 1453149298-149510
2934ST. CROIX Town of CYLONWard 1411103302-199500
2938ST. CROIX Town of FORESTWard 137882289-207601
2960ST. CROIX Village of STAR PRAIRIEWard 1370129237-108400
2943ST. CROIX Town of PLEASANT VALLEYWard 1348127214-87303
2946ST. CROIX Town of RUSH RIVERWard 1325106214-108202
2955ST. CROIX Village of DEER PARKWard 11282895-67302
2962ST. CROIX Village of WILSONWard 11143174-43207
JB=47270 DT=65484 Diff=-18214