id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
1133GREEN #VALUE!#VALUE!214061085110169682271279
1150GREEN LAKE #VALUE!#VALUE!1067133447168-3824110027
1131GREEN City of MONROEWards 1-954232893242047379023
2398OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWards 1-3,5359813472180-83356114
1146GREEN LAKE City of BERLINWards 1-625189251543-6183607
159BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 4233410411249-20825111
1815MILWAUKEE Village of GREENDALEWards 9-1021271087102463604
1812MILWAUKEE Village of GREENDALEWards 3-4200710619041573006
200BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 4519028041075-2711702
1813MILWAUKEE Village of GREENDALEWards 5-61782912845671813
161BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 61777826919-932305
1811MILWAUKEE Village of GREENDALEWards 1-21765824916-921902
1814MILWAUKEE Village of GREENDALEWards 7-81756900824762405
163BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 81751890834562213
202BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 471683767886-1192008
199BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 441654801824-2317010
1130GREEN City of BRODHEADWards 1-61529702796-942505
157BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 21523721775-5415011
201BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 4614777966581381703
110BROWN Town of GREEN BAYWards 1-314093791011-6321205
2403OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 91397507871-3641702
1129GREEN Village of NEW GLARUSWards 1-413939454225231903
1881MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 121392609767-1581401
1113GREEN Town of EXETERWards 1-413928315362951308
1889MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 20136468566520802
1460LA CROSSE Town of GREENFIELDWards 1-21362643696-531415
2402OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 81348413922-5091201
1135GREEN LAKE Town of BROOKLYNWards 1-31332467837-3702005
194BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 391331693608852006
1880MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 111323619689-70803
1888MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 191298764525239501
1876MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 71296629643-141208
170BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 1512777784673112503
184BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 291255649573762607
198BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 431241646571752001
189BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 341238596620-241602
158BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 31205633549841306
193BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 3811856734901831503
2990SAUK Town of SPRING GREENWards 1-4117760456143903
1877MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 81127612504108713
186BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 311121578517612301
1879MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 101102565518471305
1112GREEN Town of DECATURWards 1-31065460590-1301003
1878MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 91065550499511410
2401OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 71051390635-2452105
185BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 3010466463682782106
1870MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 110355764381381107
171BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 1610286993063932101
3010SAUK Village of SPRING GREENWards 1-21006690304386804
1875MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 6996448530-821701
1141GREEN LAKE Town of PRINCETONWards 1-4995322659-3371100
162BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 7992480488-81903
3083SHEBOYGAN Town of GREENBUSHWards 1-3972300662-362503
1874MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 597252043981802
187BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 32959509427822001
1119GREEN Town of NEW GLARUSWards 1-2957545396149903
172BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 17937564357207821
179BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 249215383631751501
173BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 189185063931131103
1884MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 15912431467-361102
1883MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 14910469428411000
1871MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 2903445447-21001
1887MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 18888426448-221202
192BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 3788645042525602
181BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 268755782733051705
183BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 288655033361672302
180BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 25854458371871905
1872MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 38524953431521001
190BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 35847398437-39901
1890MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 21838450372781203
1873MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 4832516306210602
1136GREEN LAKE Town of GREEN LAKEWards 1-2830211610-399203
195BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 40828449363861104
1886MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 17815461346115501
160BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 5794373404-311111
1109GREEN Town of BROOKLYNWards 1-379342935376902
175BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 207754563001561215
174BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 197704522971551414
1134GREEN LAKE Town of BERLINWards 1-3761180576-396500
197BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 42756423318105905
3300WASHBURN Town of EVERGREENWards 1-2755287453-1661401
1116GREEN Town of MONROEWards 1-2749330402-721303
1148GREEN LAKE City of MARKESANWards 1-3747215527-312400
166BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 117463673670704
1108GREEN Town of ALBANYWards 1-2745349381-32702
167BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 127424232931302003
168BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 137424832392441603
178BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 237264492581911403
1111GREEN Town of CLARNOWards 1-2721270444-174501
169BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 147144082921161004
1114GREEN Town of JEFFERSONWards 1-2708243451-2081102
1149GREEN LAKE City of PRINCETONWards 1-4705242453-2111000
165BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 1069538330380710
1061GRANT Town of HAZEL GREENWards 1-2682317355-381000
1128GREEN Village of MONTICELLOWards 1-2680385285100703
176BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 21676427237190803
1882MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 1367535231735401
1121GREEN Town of SYLVESTERWards 1-2674270388-1181105
1123GREEN Town of YORKWard 16713782781001005
2983SAUK Town of GREENFIELDWard 166233232210701
164BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 965837227498702
188BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 33645336297391100
1089GRANT Village of HAZEL GREENWards 1-2631296331-35301
1147GREEN LAKE City of GREEN LAKEWards 1-5624248362-114704
3048SHAWANO Town of GREEN VALLEYWards 1-2611133466-3331200
374CLARK City of GREENWOODWards 1-2549197332-1357013
191BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 365453202081121105
1120GREEN Town of SPRING GROVEWard 1543170356-1861412
1124GREEN Village of ALBANYWards 1-253830023367401
1122GREEN Town of WASHINGTONWard 15242612574600
196BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 414892432376403
1110GREEN Town of CADIZWard 1483165313-148301
2285MONROE Town of GREENFIELDWards 1-2424119297-178404
1139GREEN LAKE Town of MANCHESTERWard 141098305-207403
3150TAYLOR Town of GREENWOODWard 139388294-206506
1885MILWAUKEE City of GREENFIELDWard 16385182200-18200
1654MARATHON Town of GREEN VALLEYWard 1365112247-135501
177BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 2235919815147701
182BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 27358243110133301
1107GREEN Town of ADAMSWard 1345170172-2300
1115GREEN Town of JORDANWard 1345139200-61312
1125GREEN VILLAGE OF BELLEVILLEWard 332720511491403
1140GREEN LAKE Town of MARQUETTEWard 132284235-151201
1544LANGLADE Town of EVERGREENWard 131980233-153600
1138GREEN LAKE Town of MACKFORDWard 131460249-189301
1137GREEN LAKE Town of KINGSTONWards 1-231277234-157001
1143GREEN LAKE Town of SENECAWard 126168189-121301
1126GREEN VILLAGE OF BROOKLYNWard 22531727894201
2400OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 624568171-103402
1142GREEN LAKE Town of ST. MARIEWards 1-224261179-118200
1118GREEN Town of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 2-3237117118-1200
3205VERNON Town of GREENWOODWard 123285146-61100
342CLARK Town of GREEN GROVEWards 1-223059160-101504
1144GREEN LAKE Village of KINGSTONWard 119654140-86101
1117GREEN Town of MOUNT PLEASANTWard 118175104-29101
2399OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 41324685-39001
1127GREEN Village of BROWNTOWNWard 11304782-35100
1145GREEN LAKE Village of MARQUETTEWard 11023270-38000
156BROWN City of GREEN BAYWard 1281018-8000
1132GREEN City of MONROEWard 100000000
JB=76512 DT=81944 Diff=-5432