id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
1298JUNEAU #VALUE!#VALUE!1370947468749-4003146044
1295JUNEAU City of MAUSTONWards 1-71814790989-1992408
1282JUNEAU Town of NECEDAHWards 1-414053651017-6521704
762DODGE City of JUNEAUWards 1-31071396660-264906
1276JUNEAU Town of LEMONWEIRWards 1-4928330589-259800
1280JUNEAU Town of LYNDONWards 1-3788344437-93402
1296JUNEAU City of NEW LISBONWards 1-7693206472-2661201
1294JUNEAU City of ELROYWards 1-7590251327-76705
1272JUNEAU Town of GERMANTOWNWards 1,3543171367-196301
1278JUNEAU Town of LISBONWards 1-2541181346-165405
1273JUNEAU Town of GERMANTOWNWard 2515173333-160701
1291JUNEAU Village of NECEDAHWard 1471177288-111302
1277JUNEAU Town of LINDINAWard 1464195260-65702
1266JUNEAU Town of ARMENIAWard 1439139295-156401
1274JUNEAU Town of KILDAREWard 1392134252-118301
1286JUNEAU Town of SUMMITWard 1376109260-151304
1267JUNEAU Town of CLEARFIELDWard 1371110257-147400
1287JUNEAU Town of WONEWOCWards 1-2368122240-118600
1293JUNEAU Village of WONEWOCWard 1361137217-80600
1284JUNEAU Town of PLYMOUTHWard 1361130228-98002
1271JUNEAU Town of FOUNTAINWards 1-2354103241-138702
1288JUNEAU Village of CAMP DOUGLASWard 131293213-120401
1283JUNEAU Town of ORANGEWard 129279211-132101
1281JUNEAU Town of MARIONWard 125965191-126201
1290JUNEAU Village of LYNDON STATIONWard 123095132-37200
1269JUNEAU Town of CUTLERWard 122153167-114100
1285JUNEAU Town of SEVEN MILE CREEKWards 1-220473129-56200
1292JUNEAU Village of UNION CENTERWard 11182989-60000
1289JUNEAU Village of HUSTLERWard 11044556-11300
1268JUNEAU Town of CLEARFIELDWard 21012873-45000
1270JUNEAU Town of FINLEYWard 1691750-33200
1275JUNEAU Town of KINGSTONWard 120119-18000
1279JUNEAU Town of LISBONWard 3514-3000
JB=9888 DT=18158 Diff=-8270