id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2323MONROE #VALUE!#VALUE!22611843313775-5342263199
1131GREEN City of MONROEWards 1-954232893242047379023
2299MONROE Town of SPARTAWards 1-618537281097-3691706
2315MONROE City of SPARTAWards 7-121725812876-6418016
2320MONROE City of TOMAHWards 7-11,181535608890-2822409
2314MONROE City of SPARTAWards 1-61510711767-562606
2318MONROE City of TOMAHWards 1-5A,61372605732-1273004
2321MONROE City of TOMAHWards 12-161368555776-22126110
2288MONROE Town of LA GRANGEWards 1A,2A,3A1172391760-369805
2316MONROE City of SPARTAWards 13-18,20-231153535591-561807
2292MONROE Town of LITTLE FALLSWards 1-2856283562-279703
2300MONROE Town of TOMAHWards 1-2855289556-267702
2280MONROE Town of ANGELOWards 1-3753230514-284801
1116GREEN Town of MONROEWards 1-2749330402-721303
2290MONROE Town of LEONWards 1-2678215454-239900
2281MONROE Town of BYRONWard 1645204430-226600
2304MONROE Village of CASHTONWards 1-3512204301-97601
2291MONROE Town of LINCOLNWard 1490120366-246301
2279MONROE Town of ADRIANWard 1477137335-198401
2295MONROE Town of PORTLANDWard 1462164293-129400
2285MONROE Town of GREENFIELDWards 1-2424119297-178404
2294MONROE Town of OAKDALEWard 1418112302-190301
2283MONROE Town of GLENDALEWard 1365106257-151200
2302MONROE Town of WELLSWard 1353107243-136200
2286MONROE Town of JEFFERSONWard 1319115197-82104
9ADAMS Town of MONROEWard 1295122173-51000
2301MONROE Town of WELLINGTONWards 1-2287116168-52201
2296MONROE Town of RIDGEVILLEWard 1281104172-68203
2303MONROE Town of WILTONWards 1-527883193-110200
2298MONROE Town of SHELDONWard 127659215-156100
2284MONROE Town of GRANTWard 127065204-139100
2311MONROE Village of WARRENSWard 126878186-108301
2312MONROE Village of WILTONWard 12471231221101
2282MONROE Town of CLIFTONWard 124181157-76300
2307MONROE Village of NORWALKWard 122986133-47205
2305MONROE Village of KENDALLWard 121986129-43202
2287MONROE Town of LAFAYETTEWards 1-219862133-71300
2308MONROE Village of OAKDALEWard 11414297-55002
2293MONROE Town of NEW LYMEWard 11223088-58400
2289MONROE Town of LA GRANGEWards 1B,2B,3B791758-41200
2313MONROE Village of WYEVILLEWard 1752547-22102
2297MONROE Town of SCOTTWard 156945-36101
2306MONROE Village of MELVINAWard 1491732-15000
2319MONROE City of TOMAHWards 5B,240000000
1132GREEN City of MONROEWard 100000000
2322MONROE City of TOMAHWards 17,19-230000000
2317MONROE City of SPARTAWard 190000000
JB=20211 DT=30545 Diff=-10334