id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2759RACINE #VALUE!#VALUE!1064515015954479-4320120012368
2694RACINE Town of NORWAYWards 1-11549314064026-26204327
2695RACINE Town of WATERFORDWards 1-10449412303201-197143113
2710RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 10,12,15-16364716631948-2852119
2718RACINE Village of WATERFORDWards 1-7343211572228-107130011
2700RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWards 9-10,12-13332516291646-173715
2701RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWards 11,14-15,17325313631833-47030019
2722RACINE City of BURLINGTONWards 5-8299913171634-3173309
2721RACINE City of BURLINGTONWards 1-4299112891617-32862112
2716RACINE Village of STURTEVANTWards 1-8284512871500-21338113
2709RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 9,13-14277011551571-41624010
2714RACINE Village of RaymondWards 1-627507781934-11562903
2717RACINE Village of UNION GROVEWards 1-727069161725-80943113
2712RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 19,21-22267612561376-12020015
2697RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWards 3,4-5265111311486-3552006
2715RACINE Village of ROCHESTERWards 1-626087431821-10782809
2706RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 2-4,1124371375101136431012
2690RACINE Town of BURLINGTONWards 1-723907461604-8583206
2699RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWards 6-8233810481257-20918012
2693RACINE Town of DOVERWards 1-822436511553-9023106
2708RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 6-8221211231044793205
2696RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWards 1-221266561424-7683608
2720RACINE Village of YorkvilleWards 1-521136291452-8232604
2702RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWards 16,18-1920657801260-4801406
2705RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 1,17,201695799875-761315
2749RACINE City of RACINEWard 2716429856183672706
2744RACINE City of RACINEWard 2215349315643673105
2742RACINE City of RACINEWard 2014528315892421806
2738RACINE City of RACINEWard 1613757635851781704
2750RACINE City of RACINEWard 2813327635422211703
2719RACINE Village of WIND POINTWards 1-31316694606881400
2725RACINE City of RACINEWard 312689323196131203
2745RACINE City of RACINEWard 231259807436371808
2751RACINE City of RACINEWard 2912057104742361503
2691RACINE Town of BURLINGTONWards 8-101194388788-4001501
2736RACINE City of RACINEWard 1411797483953532606
2746RACINE City of RACINEWard 2411426984182801906
2735RACINE City of RACINEWard 1310946544142401607
2747RACINE City of RACINEWard 2510527452884571503
2756RACINE City of RACINEWard 3410106053902151002
2752RACINE City of RACINEWard 309676403063341802
2732RACINE City of RACINEWard 10947611327284800
2737RACINE City of RACINEWard 159366402833571003
2757RACINE City of RACINEWard 35916560343217704
2743RACINE City of RACINEWard 21914634262372608
2755RACINE City of RACINEWard 33912533364169702
2723RACINE City of RACINEWard 18796392244151005
2734RACINE City of RACINEWard 128685073401671204
2707RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWard 586444141229902
2731RACINE City of RACINEWard 98636082343741017
2733RACINE City of RACINEWard 118615552862691603
2711RACINE Village of MOUNT PLEASANTWards 18,23856536305231905
2754RACINE City of RACINEWard 327435172133041102
2758RACINE City of RACINEWard 36725511201310904
2728RACINE City of RACINEWard 6654480161319607
2724RACINE City of RACINEWard 264453698438306
2753RACINE City of RACINEWard 3161935325499902
2730RACINE City of RACINEWard 8604492106386312
2703RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWard 20575244316-72806
2726RACINE City of RACINEWard 456951649467201
2739RACINE City of RACINEWard 17478335135200502
2729RACINE City of RACINEWard 747038574311703
2727RACINE City of RACINEWard 546341443371401
2692RACINE Town of BURLINGTONWard 11452159284-125603
2740RACINE City of RACINEWard 1836332535290200
2704RACINE Village of ELMWOOD PARKWard 1334153174-21312
2741RACINE City of RACINEWard 1932126947222500
2748RACINE City of RACINEWard 2617489827101
2713RACINE Village of NORTH BAYWard 1167966927000
2698RACINE Village of CALEDONIAWard 3B0000000
JB=100318 DT=108958 Diff=-8640