id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2897ROCK #VALUE!#VALUE!853604665837138952010943290
2895ROCK City of MILTONWards 1-1233731823148433948210
2858ROCK City of EVANSVILLEWards 1-1132582130108010503706
2857ROCK City of EDGERTONWards 1-63139196811158534508
2805ROCK Town of FULTONWards 1-6235411701135353809
2809ROCK Town of JANESVILLEWards 1-6233111441152-82307
2885ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 271957113379234117010
2800ROCK Town of BELOITWards 7-101793845923-781604
2870ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 12179310546983563107
2875ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 1716159516333182403
2886ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2815998956742212204
2872ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 1415649695634062304
2880ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 221549785748371004
2876ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 1815219125833291905
2817ROCK Town of MILTONWards 2-41519740741-13105
2865ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 714919025643382004
2859ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 114718645812832005
2871ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 1314068884834052018
2883ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2514028085712371407
2879ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2113947676091581303
2860ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 213438085102981407
2853ROCK City of BELOITWard 231341693626671405
2821ROCK Town of ROCKWards 1-4,61332635666-312304
2798ROCK Town of BELOITWards 1-31325539768-2291203
2863ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 513057365421942204
2827ROCK Town of UNIONWards 1-412957455342111105
119BROWN Town of ROCKLANDWards 1-31217408787-3791107
2873ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 1512077304462842107
2807ROCK Town of HARMONYWards 2-51192598579191104
2869ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 1111817314203111807
2799ROCK Town of BELOITWards 4-61172606546601502
2867ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 911016274521751902
2828ROCK Village of CLINTONWards 1-31085419632-2131909
2861ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 310696573682893207
2866ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 810675974481491405
2882ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2410376343792551803
2818ROCK Town of NEWARKWards 1-3976336623-2871700
2874ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 169655723791931102
2864ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 6946474453211206
2826ROCK Town of TURTLEWards 2-3919317591-274801
2868ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 10902515377138701
1202JACKSON Town of BROCKWAYWards 1-6882511361150703
2832ROCK City of BELOITWard 2853442392501104
2862ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 48195072842231807
2847ROCK City of BELOITWard 178095352542811403
2833ROCK City of BELOITWard 3790382386-41703
2819ROCK Town of PLYMOUTHWards 1-2773295468-173603
2830ROCK Village of ORFORDVILLEWards 1-2772370391-21902
2881ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2376541733681507
2854ROCK City of BELOITWard 247324133001131004
2834ROCK City of BELOITWard 4729363348151005
2841ROCK City of BELOITWard 11728426296130600
2852ROCK City of BELOITWard 2272139231973801
2851ROCK City of BELOITWard 21708426270156703
2803ROCK Town of CENTERWards 1-270435733918503
2835ROCK City of BELOITWard 5691335338-31302
2814ROCK Town of LIMAWards 1-2681320349-291002
2878ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2067035330746702
2820ROCK Town of PORTERWard 166837828395600
2825ROCK Town of TURTLEWards 1,4667284369-851100
2840ROCK City of BELOITWard 10654373271102603
2802ROCK Town of BRADFORDWards 1-2606219380-161303
832DUNN Town of ROCK CREEKWard 1595232351-119705
2848ROCK City of BELOITWard 18589363208155905
1611MANITOWOC Town of ROCKLANDWards 1-2583133447-314201
2846ROCK City of BELOITWard 16579454117337602
2845ROCK City of BELOITWard 15564371190181102
2844ROCK City of BELOITWard 14552422121301601
2806ROCK Town of HARMONYWard 155129824058803
3741WOOD Town of ROCKWard 1549143397-254603
2850ROCK City of BELOITWard 20546317217100703
2804ROCK Town of CLINTONWard 1535159366-207702
2877ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 19534249278-29502
1672MARATHON Town of RIETBROCKWard 1516134376-242303
2816ROCK Town of MILTONWard 1503209289-80301
2836ROCK City of BELOITWard 6498330160170800
2811ROCK Town of JOHNSTOWNWard 1498194293-99800
2829ROCK Village of FOOTVILLEWard 1495232256-24601
2839ROCK City of BELOITWard 94782991671321001
2837ROCK City of BELOITWard 7468301161140201
2849ROCK City of BELOITWard 19451285164121200
2815ROCK Town of MAGNOLIAWard 1446211227-16403
1576LINCOLN Town of ROCK FALLSWards 1-2442145294-149300
2824ROCK Town of SPRING VALLEYWard 1438168264-96400
2843ROCK City of BELOITWard 1343835076274702
2779RICHLAND Village of LONE ROCKWard 1415186225-39301
2773RICHLAND Town of ROCKBRIDGEWards 1-3411200207-7301
2831ROCK City of BELOITWard 140424315687104
1470LA CROSSE Village of ROCKLANDWard 1397161228-67800
2558PIERCE Town of MAIDEN ROCKWard 1385124242-1186012
2797ROCK Town of AVONWard 1370115249-134500
2812ROCK Town of LA PRAIRIEWard 1356151204-53100
2562PIERCE Town of ROCK ELMWard 126596162-66403
2842ROCK City of BELOITWard 1225817975104400
2801ROCK Town of BELOITWard 11244101140-39300
2810ROCK Town of JANESVILLEWards 7-922712110318101
2822ROCK Town of ROCKWards 5,720978128-50102
3008SAUK Village of ROCK SPRINGSWard 117548122-74113
3175TREMPEALEAU Town of CHIMNEY ROCKWard 116463101-38000
1055GRANT Town of CASTLE ROCKWard 11566192-31300
2813ROCK Town of LA PRAIRIEWard 21435092-42100
520DANE Village of ROCKDALEWard 1130814734200
2571PIERCE Village of MAIDEN ROCKWard 1893547-12214
2856ROCK CITY OF BRODHEADWards 7-876452916100
2838ROCK City of BELOITWard 84334826100
2887ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 2934241014000
2808ROCK Town of HARMONYWard 62101100
2894ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 36202-2000
2896ROCK City of MILTONWard 130000000
2855ROCK City of BELOITWard 250000000
2893ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 350000000
2892ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 340000000
2891ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 330000000
2890ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 320000000
2889ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 310000000
2888ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 300000000
2823ROCK Town of ROCKWard 80000000
2884ROCK City of JANESVILLEWard 260000000
JB=96077 DT=78762 Diff=17315