id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
819DOUGLAS #VALUE!#VALUE!2467713218109232295379084
814DOUGLAS City of SUPERIORWards 1-3,7-829571754113961544011
818DOUGLAS City of SUPERIORWards 23-2929311729114958032012
815DOUGLAS City of SUPERIORWards 4-6,9-1228761622118743539014
816DOUGLAS City of SUPERIORWards 13-16,20-22279017219887335909
817DOUGLAS City of SUPERIORWards 17-19,30-321856117362055347010
807DOUGLAS Town of SUPERIORWards 1-21466688749-611903
809DOUGLAS Village of LAKE NEBAGAMONWards 1-2764353398-45902
803DOUGLAS Town of OAKLANDWards 1-274237235715902
793DOUGLAS Town of AMNICONWards 1-2725342376-34501
804DOUGLAS Town of PARKLANDWards 1-2706380306741601
805DOUGLAS Town of SOLON SPRINGSWards 1-3685282395-113304
799DOUGLAS Town of HAWTHORNEWards 1-2681273397-124901
806DOUGLAS Town of SUMMITWards 1-2660345303421200
808DOUGLAS Town of WASCOTTWard 1592254328-74701
1781MARQUETTE Town of DOUGLASWard 1535196334-138301
798DOUGLAS Town of GORDONWard 1511190319-129200
813DOUGLAS Village of SUPERIORWard 144224219349700
802DOUGLAS Town of MAPLEWard 143923419638900
801DOUGLAS Town of LAKESIDEWard 1439196230-341002
794DOUGLAS Town of BENNETTWard 1435177249-72702
812DOUGLAS Village of SOLON SPRINGSWard 1401179217-38500
795DOUGLAS Town of BRULEWards 1-239921917247602
811DOUGLAS Village of POPLARWard 1385139233-941003
1288JUNEAU Village of CAMP DOUGLASWard 131293213-120401
810DOUGLAS Village of OLIVERWard 127014212319500
800DOUGLAS Town of HIGHLANDWard 12501251187403
796DOUGLAS Town of CLOVERLANDWard 11466280-18200
797DOUGLAS Town of DAIRYLANDWard 112925101-76201
JB=26725 DT=22393 Diff=4332