id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
856DUNN #VALUE!#VALUE!23524989713173-3276368284
471DANE Town of DUNNWards 1-736182289126410254517
827DUNN Town of MENOMONIEWards 1-319278071098-2911516
849DUNN City of MENOMONIEWards 1-2181388388214107
854DUNN City of MENOMONIEWards 10-1117049966653313607
838DUNN Town of TAINTERWards 1-31636693921-2282002
831DUNN Town of RED CEDARWards 1-31382525838-3131306
853DUNN City of MENOMONIEWards 8-913087515282232405
823DUNN Town of ELK MOUNDWards 1-31031344669-3251602
836DUNN Town of SPRING BROOKWards 1-21017359632-2732303
850DUNN City of MENOMONIEWards 3-49195233691542115
821DUNN Town of DUNNWards 1-2894381498-1171203
820DUNN Town of COLFAXWards 1-3729262456-194605
851DUNN City of MENOMONIEWards 5,7673361279823300
852DUNN City of MENOMONIEWard 662035325796901
832DUNN Town of ROCK CREEKWard 1595232351-119705
835DUNN Town of SHERMANWard 1595219367-148900
843DUNN Village of COLFAXWards 1-2573263292-291305
837DUNN Town of STANTONWard 1509148357-209301
842DUNN Village of BOYCEVILLEWard 1502169325-156602
826DUNN Town of LUCASWard 1476145325-180402
822DUNN Town of EAU GALLEWard 1473135332-197402
845DUNN Village of ELK MOUNDWard 1424195223-28402
839DUNN Town of TIFFANYWards 1-238996289-193301
828DUNN Town of NEW HAVENWard 1384112264-152602
840DUNN Town of WESTONWards 1-2351109241-132100
825DUNN Town of HAY RIVERWards 1-2343107228-121305
833DUNN Town of SAND CREEKWard 1339115220-105400
829DUNN Town of OTTER CREEKWard 1313101206-105600
841DUNN Town of WILSONWard 1294115172-57601
834DUNN Town of SHERIDANWard 128281196-115500
824DUNN Town of GRANTWards 1-225699152-53302
846DUNN Village of KNAPPWard 124963180-117501
848DUNN Village of WHEELERWard 11394390-47501
830DUNN Town of PERUWard 11384097-57100
847DUNN Village of RIDGELANDWard 11254480-36100
844DUNN Village of DOWNINGWard 11222894-66000
855DUNN City of MENOMONIEWard 120000000
JB=22083 DT=27610 Diff=-5527