id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
1106GRANT #VALUE!#VALUE!256081099814142-3144350078
1101GRANT City of LANCASTERWards 1-619478051111-3062209
1102GRANT City of PLATTEVILLEWards 1-215479215843373403
1105GRANT City of PLATTEVILLEWards 7-915478556252305704
1098GRANT City of BOSCOBELWards 1-41321584713-1291607
1063GRANT Town of JAMESTOWNWards 1-31305450839-3891103
1100GRANT City of FENNIMOREWards 1-41228517691-1741305
1103GRANT City of PLATTEVILLEWards 3-411876714652063805
1099GRANT City of CUBA CITYWards 1-4998517465521103
2626PORTAGE Town of GRANTWards 1-2,4981338628-290706
1075GRANT Town of PLATTEVILLEWards 1-3898436447-11704
249BURNETT Village of GRANTSBURGWards 1-3707247447-2001003
1061GRANT Town of HAZEL GREENWards 1-2682317355-381000
232BURNETT Town of GRANTSBURGWards 1-3680208465-257502
1104GRANT City of PLATTEVILLEWards 5-6662335294412802
1089GRANT Village of HAZEL GREENWards 1-2631296331-35301
1088GRANT Village of DICKEYVILLEWards 1-2594260322-62804
1093GRANT Village of MUSCODAWards 1-2578275292-17902
3047SHAWANO Town of GRANTWards 1-254795448-353301
1076GRANT Town of POTOSIWard 1493161329-168300
1077GRANT Town of SMELSERWards 1-2489213272-59301
1073GRANT Town of PARISWards 1-2443167276-109000
1087GRANT Village of CASSVILLEWards 1-2443188251-63102
341CLARK Town of GRANTWards 1-2425128289-161601
2904RUSK Town of GRANTWards 1-5397125269-144102
1095GRANT Village of POTOSIWard 1393145242-97600
1078GRANT Town of SOUTH LANCASTERWards 1-3380138239-101102
1065GRANT Town of LIMAWard 1376161214-53100
1085GRANT Village of BLOOMINGTONWard 1375136230-94800
1071GRANT Town of MUSCODAWard 1368123244-121001
1090GRANT Village of LIVINGSTONWard 1352168179-11500
1051GRANT Town of BEETOWNWard 134675266-191104
1057GRANT Town of ELLENBOROWard 133097233-136000
1079GRANT Town of WATERLOOWard 1324110209-99301
1070GRANT Town of MOUNT IDAWard 130586216-130102
1072GRANT Town of NORTH LANCASTERWards 1-2301102199-97000
1091GRANT Village of MONTFORTWard 1290139147-8400
1060GRANT Town of HARRISONWard 127595176-81301
1067GRANT Town of MARIONWard 127493180-87001
2284MONROE Town of GRANTWard 127065204-139100
1064GRANT Town of LIBERTYWard 126770194-124300
824DUNN Town of GRANTWards 1-225699152-53302
1058GRANT Town of FENNIMOREWards 1-224690155-65100
2627PORTAGE Town of GRANTWard 322670155-85000
1052GRANT Town of BLOOMINGTONWard 122356160-104502
1059GRANT Town of GLEN HAVENWard 122257162-105102
1054GRANT Town of CASSVILLEWard 121756160-104100
1086GRANT Village of BLUE RIVERWard 121492117-25401
1053GRANT Town of BOSCOBELWards 1-221281129-48200
1096GRANT Village of TENNYSONWard 120468131-63302
1083GRANT Town of WYALUSINGWard 120277121-44400
1080GRANT Town of WATTERSTOWNWards 1-220080120-40000
1084GRANT Village of BAGLEYWard 119275114-39300
1062GRANT Town of HICKORY GROVEWard 118760126-66001
1081GRANT Town of WINGVILLEWard 118179100-21200
1074GRANT Town of PATCH GROVEWard 118061115-54400
369CLARK Village of GRANTONWard 116960103-43204
1066GRANT Town of LITTLE GRANTWard 116249112-63001
1055GRANT Town of CASTLE ROCKWard 11566192-31300
1056GRANT Town of CLIFTONWards 1-21346272-10000
1092GRANT Village of MOUNT HOPEWard 11014253-11501
1069GRANT Town of MOUNT HOPEWard 1972966-37000
1068GRANT Town of MILLVILLEWard 1964253-11100
1082GRANT Town of WOODMANWard 1962569-44101
1094GRANT Village of PATCH GROVEWard 1903850-12000
1097GRANT Village of WOODMANWard 1471235-23000
JB=23431 DT=31444 Diff=-8013