id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
1567LANGLADE #VALUE!#VALUE!1116537047330-362694037
1552LANGLADE Town of ROLLINGWards 1-2864257598-341801
1542LANGLADE Town of ANTIGOWards 1-2852258590-332301
1543LANGLADE Town of ELCHOWards 1-2804269530-261401
1550LANGLADE Town of POLARWards 1-2652180460-2801101
1547LANGLADE Town of NORWOODWard 1573159407-248601
1564LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 7556221332-111003
1554LANGLADE Town of UPHAMWard 1533169361-192201
1546LANGLADE Town of NEVAWard 1529150376-226300
1556LANGLADE Town of WOLF RIVERWards 1-2516154355-201403
1559LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 2515208295-87705
1566LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 9490191292-101403
1561LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 4406201203-2200
1558LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 1395179209-30502
1565LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 8382138241-103201
1560LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 3376136233-97403
1563LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 6363127227-100603
1544LANGLADE Town of EVERGREENWard 131980233-153600
1541LANGLADE Town of AINSWORTHWard 131775240-165200
1540LANGLADE Town of ACKLEYWard 130994211-117301
1562LANGLADE City of ANTIGOWard 5307128171-43602
1545LANGLADE Town of LANGLADEWards 1-230697207-110200
1549LANGLADE Town of PECKWard 120348154-106001
1557LANGLADE Village of WHITE LAKEWard 11646398-35201
1551LANGLADE Town of PRICEWards 1-21344982-33102
1555LANGLADE Town of VILASWard 113226106-80000
1553LANGLADE Town of SUMMITWard 1962866-38101
1548LANGLADE Town of PARRISHWard 1721953-34000
JB=7408 DT=14660 Diff=-7252