id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
1798MARQUETTE #VALUE!#VALUE!906532395719-248078017
1789MARQUETTE Town of PACKWAUKEEWards 1-3868300560-260204
1797MARQUETTE City of MONTELLOWards 1-4756350394-441101
1784MARQUETTE Town of MONTELLOWards 1-4743243490-247702
1779MARQUETTE Town of BUFFALOWards 1-2639237397-160301
1796MARQUETTE Village of WESTFIELDWards 1-2564219341-122400
1788MARQUETTE Town of OXFORDWards 1-2556168380-212503
1792MARQUETTE Town of WESTFIELDWards 1-2538196333-137800
1781MARQUETTE Town of DOUGLASWard 1535196334-138301
1791MARQUETTE Town of SPRINGFIELDWard 1513176331-155401
1782MARQUETTE Town of HARRISWard 1497167325-158301
1783MARQUETTE Town of MECANWard 1468177289-112100
1790MARQUETTE Town of SHIELDSWard 1373128241-113300
1786MARQUETTE Town of NESHKOROWards 1-235797258-161200
1780MARQUETTE Town of CRYSTAL LAKEWard 1351135212-77201
1140GREEN LAKE Town of MARQUETTEWard 132284235-151201
1795MARQUETTE Village of OXFORDWard 1298114177-63700
1785MARQUETTE Town of MOUNDVILLEWards 1-2295107181-74601
1787MARQUETTE Town of NEWTONWards 1-227783191-108201
1794MARQUETTE Village of NESHKOROWard 123674159-85200
1793MARQUETTE Village of ENDEAVORWard 120172126-54300
1145GREEN LAKE Village of MARQUETTEWard 11023270-38000
JB=6594 DT=11743 Diff=-5149