id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2384ONEIDA #VALUE!#VALUE!241591010513671-3566283073
2362ONEIDA Town of MINOCQUAWards 1-7355914232093-6703004
2409OUTAGAMIE Town of ONEIDAWards 1-6226010301207-1771607
2367ONEIDA Town of PELICANWards 1-41735752945-1933007
2373ONEIDA Town of THREE LAKESWards 1-417335781121-5432508
2369ONEIDA Town of PINE LAKEWards 1-41704753927-1741805
2365ONEIDA Town of NEWBOLDWards 2-41697721939-21818019
2356ONEIDA Town of CRESCENTWards 1-31407615768-1531804
2375ONEIDA Town of WOODRUFFWards 1-31372607747-1401203
2372ONEIDA Town of SUGAR CAMPWards 1-21253422816-3941400
2366ONEIDA Town of NOKOMISWards 1-21015411597-186601
2358ONEIDA Town of HAZELHURSTWards 1-2925398518-120603
2355ONEIDA Town of CASSIANWards 1-2768299458-159704
2359ONEIDA Town of LAKE TOMAHAWKWards 1-2755280467-187700
2380ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWards 8-9648353283701002
2374ONEIDA Town of WOODBOROWard 1579225348-123501
2381ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWard 1048324522718702
2383ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWards 13-14479238226121302
2376ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWard 14792392309800
2377ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWards 2-347424322320701
2382ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWards 11-12457259181781401
2378ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWards 4-543422619729504
2379ONEIDA City of RHINELANDERWards 6-7419204208-4700
2371ONEIDA Town of STELLAWards 1-2393168223-55101
2370ONEIDA Town of SCHOEPKEWard 1295105190-85000
2364ONEIDA Town of NEWBOLDWard 1268104159-55500
2360ONEIDA Town of LITTLE RICEWard 125986171-85200
2357ONEIDA Town of ENTERPRISEWard 125262186-124400
2363ONEIDA Town of MONICOWard 118347133-86201
2361ONEIDA Town of LYNNEWard 1872463-39000
2368ONEIDA Town of PIEHLWard 1471827-9200
JB=21240 DT=28549 Diff=-7309