id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2486OUTAGAMIE #VALUE!#VALUE!1080224766758385-10718156915386
2394OUTAGAMIE Town of GRAND CHUTEWards 1-3,15-17641929433346-403105124
2395OUTAGAMIE Town of GRAND CHUTEWards 4-6,9-14618330283046-1883026
2481OUTAGAMIE City of KAUKAUNAWards 6-10472521592491-33264011
2387OUTAGAMIE Town of BUCHANANWards 1-10438018542463-60942021
2480OUTAGAMIE City of KAUKAUNAWards 1-5431019252287-36280018
2419OUTAGAMIE Village of KIMBERLYWards 1-9424619712185-21471118
2393OUTAGAMIE Town of FREEDOMWards 1-8389011432690-154737020
2398OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWards 1-3,5359813472180-83356114
2388OUTAGAMIE Town of CENTERWards 1-725067531730-9771715
2415OUTAGAMIE Village of COMBINED LOCKSWards 1-623159851302-3172305
2409OUTAGAMIE Town of ONEIDAWards 1-6226010301207-1771607
2422OUTAGAMIE Village of LITTLE CHUTEWards 3,9-1122019451213-26833010
2392OUTAGAMIE Town of ELLINGTONWards 1-519864751483-10082404
2485OUTAGAMIE City of SEYMOURWards 1-619266921196-5043503
2390OUTAGAMIE Town of DALEWards 1-318445111308-7971708
2420OUTAGAMIE Village of LITTLE CHUTEWards 1,4-5,141837834973-1392703
2417OUTAGAMIE Village of HORTONVILLEWards 1-317405901113-5233205
2460OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 381718857841161811
2431OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 31676118245972324110
2444OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 191542762767-51102
2430OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 214608675473204006
2403OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 91397507871-3641702
2402OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 81348413922-5091201
2421OUTAGAMIE Village of LITTLE CHUTEWards 2,6,8,12-131315606682-762601
2458OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 361284672584882314
2453OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 2912137384472912107
2445OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 201209608581271334
2455OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 3311406314861451805
2396OUTAGAMIE Town of GRAND CHUTEWards 7-81118574522522101
2435OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 71101581495861717
2423OUTAGAMIE Village of LITTLE CHUTEWard 71065426615-1892202
2412OUTAGAMIE Town of VANDENBROEKWards 1-31057301737-4361405
2401OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 71051390635-2452105
2451OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 2710446623593032003
2450OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 2510255604341262902
2457OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 351012516472442103
2469OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 5110006363422941705
2454OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 309995574231341603
2452OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 2899654640913730011
2464OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 4298848548321505
2437OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 9967506434722304
2472OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 54946513417961501
2432OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 4910423470-471304
2461OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 39891407463-561713
2440OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 1587744242319804
2465OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 438664773661111607
2405OUTAGAMIE Town of KAUKAUNAWards 1-3861213640-427701
2459OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 3782444936584802
2442OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 17822442365771005
2436OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 8820663144519805
2410OUTAGAMIE Town of OSBORNWards 1-2792233544-3111401
2484OUTAGAMIE CITY OF NEW LONDONWards 1-2775261504-243802
2385OUTAGAMIE Town of BLACK CREEKWards 1-2774176583-4071203
2429OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 17664642781861905
2386OUTAGAMIE Town of BOVINAWards 1-2740202530-328503
2411OUTAGAMIE Town of SEYMOURWards 1-2739178547-3691202
2414OUTAGAMIE Village of BLACK CREEKWards 1-2723231483-252702
2441OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 16710368330381002
2404OUTAGAMIE Town of HORTONIAWards 1-2708197497-3001202
2438OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 1067136629571604
2443OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 18656307340-33801
2389OUTAGAMIE Town of CICEROWards 1-2637206423-217602
2434OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 6552312225871014
2439OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 1154631023080600
2406OUTAGAMIE Town of LIBERTYWard 1545133397-2641203
2407OUTAGAMIE Town of MAINEWard 1517141364-2231101
2473OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 5549126921455800
2449OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 24479301168133901
2426OUTAGAMIE Village of SHIOCTONWard 1453129322-193200
2408OUTAGAMIE Town of MAPLE CREEKWard 135673275-202503
2456OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 3434220912386703
2391OUTAGAMIE Town of DEER CREEKWard 131660249-189511
2400OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 624568171-103402
2463OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 4121087120-33210
2466OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 48170996633500
2413OUTAGAMIE Village of BEAR CREEKWard 115954102-48300
2468OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 50154895930402
2425OUTAGAMIE Village of NICHOLSWard 113428105-77100
2399OUTAGAMIE Town of GREENVILLEWard 41324685-39001
2470OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 52109664323000
2447OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 221063173-42101
2467OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 4910252484200
2446OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 214422220000
2462OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 40281018-8000
2471OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 531616016000
2483OUTAGAMIE City of KAUKAUNAWards 13,15404-4000
2433OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 5303-3000
2477OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 593211000
2475OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 57202-2000
2397OUTAGAMIE Town of GRAND CHUTEWard 18202-2000
2482OUTAGAMIE City of KAUKAUNAWards 12,14202-2000
2448OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 230000000
2479OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 610000000
2478OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 600000000
2476OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 580000000
2424OUTAGAMIE Village of LITTLE CHUTEWards 15-160000000
2474OUTAGAMIE City of APPLETONWard 560000000
JB=95334 DT=116770 Diff=-21436