id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2617POLK #VALUE!#VALUE!26371937016611-72412891100
3325WASHINGTON Town of POLKWards 1-628656502185-153520010
2600POLK Town of OSCEOLAWards 1-519226551233-5782707
2580POLK Town of ALDENWards 1-418106111169-55820010
2615POLK City of AMERYWards 1-51560710830-1201802
2612POLK Village of OSCEOLAWards 1-31530647848-20125010
2595POLK Town of LINCOLNWards 1-41407487907-420805
2616POLK City of ST. CROIX FALLSWards 1-41278635621141804
2590POLK Town of FARMINGTONWards 1-21218387814-4271205
2589POLK Town of EUREKAWards 1-21083337731-3941005
2591POLK Town of GARFIELDWards 1-31008337657-3201103
2582POLK Town of BALSAM LAKEWards 1-2926308607-299803
2584POLK Town of BLACK BROOKWards 1-2866259594-3351003
2599POLK Town of MILLTOWNWards 1-2759266482-216803
2601POLK Town of ST. CROIX FALLSWards 1-2734255465-2101004
2581POLK Town of APPLE RIVERWards 1-2672228437-209403
2592POLK Town of GEORGETOWNWards 1-2634244381-137603
2594POLK Town of LAKETOWNWard 1614218390-172204
2610POLK Village of LUCKWards 1-2603238355-117802
2597POLK Town of LUCKWards 1-2588186397-211401
2607POLK Village of CLEAR LAKEWards 1-2583174403-229204
2609POLK Village of FREDERICWards 1-2572242322-80602
2587POLK Town of CLAYTONWard 1564190362-172804
2583POLK Town of BEAVERWard 1522172343-171601
2588POLK Town of CLEAR LAKEWard 1515112399-287301
2604POLK Village of BALSAM LAKEWards 1-2509170334-164302
2611POLK Village of MILLTOWNWard 1471148320-172201
2608POLK Village of DRESSERWard 1462140313-173702
2603POLK Town of WEST SWEDENWard 1440161270-109801
2585POLK Town of BONE LAKEWard 1436164267-103500
2602POLK Town of STERLINGWard 1412127279-152600
2605POLK Village of CENTURIAWard 1354114235-121500
2586POLK Town of CLAM FALLSWard 1317114198-84410
2593POLK Town of JOHNSTOWNWard 1303135164-29202
2606POLK Village of CLAYTONWard 123158167-109600
2598POLK Town of MCKINLEYWard 122372147-75301
2596POLK Town of LORAINWard 120259138-79302
2613POLK VILLAGE OF TURTLE LAKEWard 2A431032-22100
JB=19390 DT=35407 Diff=-16017