id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2665PORTAGE #VALUE!#VALUE!40603204281929911296400169
2646PORTAGE Village of PLOVERWards 4-628361450132612440012
2645PORTAGE Village of PLOVERWards 1-32488126711689937011
2647PORTAGE Village of PLOVERWards 7-92305121510281875206
2637PORTAGE Town of STOCKTONWards 1-519417721129-3573008
2655PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 16-1816409966123841907
422COLUMBIA City of PORTAGEWards 4,6-816158867051812004
420COLUMBIA City of PORTAGEWards 1,9-1015298356771581502
2657PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 22-24151091256534717012
2636PORTAGE Town of SHARONWards 1-31440521890-3692005
421COLUMBIA City of PORTAGEWards 2-3,5142985053231836011
2659PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 28-3013888535073462205
2656PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 19-2112887814663153207
2654PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 13-1512528203934272906
2628PORTAGE Town of HULLWards 1-31238614594202305
2630PORTAGE Town of HULLWards 6-81223640562781802
2658PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 25-2712147294532762408
2629PORTAGE Town of HULLWards 4-51114497599-1021601
2653PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 10-1211137073753322505
2649PORTAGE Village of WHITINGWards 1-410665894561331405
2650PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 1-3106571830641227011
2631PORTAGE Town of LANARKWards 1-2991396567-1712402
2626PORTAGE Town of GRANTWards 1-2,4981338628-290706
2635PORTAGE Town of PLOVERWards 1-3951374561-1871203
2620PORTAGE Town of AMHERSTWards 1-2931418506-88502
2623PORTAGE Town of CARSONWards 1-2895320560-240905
2651PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 4-68415692453242004
2660PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 31-337474742442302107
2632PORTAGE Town of LINWOODWards 1-2747292450-158500
2622PORTAGE Town of BUENA VISTAWards 1-2744234501-267603
2652PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 7-97435122073051805
2624PORTAGE Town of DEWEYWard 1662265390-125501
2625PORTAGE Town of EAU PLEINEWard 1655236414-178203
2639PORTAGE Village of AMHERSTWards 1-2644312316-41301
2618PORTAGE Town of ALBANWard 1545206332-126403
2633PORTAGE Town of NEW HOPEWard 150927921960803
2619PORTAGE Town of ALMONDWard 1449124315-191802
2634PORTAGE Town of PINE GROVEWards 1-2416145267-122400
2621PORTAGE Town of BELMONTWard 1393129259-130400
2644PORTAGE Village of PARK RIDGEWard 1391240140100803
2648PORTAGE Village of ROSHOLTWard 1263105153-48400
2640PORTAGE Village of AMHERST JUNCTIONWard 122882143-61300
2627PORTAGE Town of GRANTWard 322670155-85000
2641PORTAGE Village of JUNCTION CITYWard 120086111-25300
2638PORTAGE Village of ALMONDWard 119863134-71100
2643PORTAGE Village of NELSONVILLEWard 1110674225100
2662PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 35,40,43,46-471358-3000
2664PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 37,39,442202000
2661PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 34,420000000
2663PORTAGE City of STEVENS POINTWards 36,38,41,450000000
423COLUMBIA City of PORTAGEWard 110000000
JB=43427 DT=40512 Diff=2915