id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
2689PRICE #VALUE!#VALUE!854630325394-236298121
2687PRICE City of PARK FALLSWards 1-71172517637-1201404
2683PRICE Town of WORCESTERWards 1-31092338743-405812
2679PRICE Town of LAKEWards 1-2771304460-156403
2688PRICE City of PHILLIPSWards 1-4715293408-1151202
2668PRICE Town of ELKWards 1-2708253443-1901200
2680PRICE Town of OGEMAWard 1429117304-187701
2670PRICE Town of FIFIELDWard 1398141251-110600
2667PRICE Town of EISENSTEINWards 1-2394155232-77502
2672PRICE Town of FLAMBEAUWard 1360117242-125001
2686PRICE Village of PRENTICEWard 1313105202-97600
2681PRICE Town of PRENTICEWard 125782170-88302
2676PRICE Town of HILLWard 123255176-121001
2671PRICE Town of FIFIELDWard 222085134-49100
2678PRICE Town of KNOXWard 121377134-57200
2682PRICE Town of SPIRITWard 120963142-79400
2669PRICE Town of EMERYWard 120971137-66001
2677PRICE Town of KENNANWard 117556114-58401
2666PRICE Town of CATAWBAWard 116151106-55301
2675PRICE Town of HARMONYWard 114839106-67300
1551LANGLADE Town of PRICEWards 1-21344982-33102
2674PRICE Town of HACKETTWard 11253490-56100
2673PRICE Town of GEORGETOWNWard 1882761-34000
2685PRICE Village of KENNANWard 1792850-22100
2684PRICE Village of CATAWBAWard 1782452-28200
JB=6113 DT=10870 Diff=-4757