id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3016SAUK #VALUE!#VALUE!3620318108174936154417154
3012SAUK City of BARABOOWards 1-1463933585270288385021
3013SAUK City of REEDSBURGWards 1-15475022132442-22967028
3007SAUK Village of PRAIRIE DU SACWards 1-52676164698066634412
3009SAUK Village of SAUK CITYWards 1-52100131973658335010
2999SAUK Village of LAKE DELTONWards 1-3142571869820900
2978SAUK Town of DELTONWards 1-41395645723-782124
2508OZAUKEE Village of SAUKVILLEWards 1,6-71315478818-3401702
2496OZAUKEE Town of SAUKVILLEWards 1-31296350933-583803
2975SAUK Town of BARABOOWards 1-4119660257923906
2509OZAUKEE Village of SAUKVILLEWards 2-51192442718-2762009
2990SAUK Town of SPRING GREENWards 1-4117760456143903
2977SAUK Town of DELLONAWards 1-21098426657-2311401
2979SAUK Town of EXCELSIORWards 1-31050443597-154703
3010SAUK Village of SPRING GREENWards 1-21006690304386804
2986SAUK Town of LA VALLEWards 1-3965361587-2261403
2341OCONTO Town of PENSAUKEEWards 1-2900261633-372600
2987SAUK Town of MERRIMACWard 18414183991912012
3011SAUK Village of WEST BARABOOWards 1-2790395365302604
1770MARINETTE Town of WAUSAUKEEWards 1-2756232514-282703
2980SAUK Town of FAIRFIELDWards 1-2742350382-32703
2988SAUK Town of PRAIRIE DU SACWards 1-2715341362-21705
2989SAUK Town of REEDSBURGWards 1-3715271432-161705
2983SAUK Town of GREENFIELDWard 166233232210701
2995SAUK Town of WINFIELDWards 1-2557206340-134407
3006SAUK Village of PLAINWard 1488231253-22301
2992SAUK Town of TROYWard 1484216263-47203
2984SAUK Town of HONEY CREEKWard 14672352287400
2991SAUK Town of SUMPTERWards 1-345524520738201
2981SAUK Town of FRANKLINWards 1-3434196231-35700
2996SAUK Town of WOODLANDWard 1423178243-65101
2993SAUK Town of WASHINGTONWards 1-2407139259-120702
2976SAUK Town of BEAR CREEKWard 1370166196-30503
2994SAUK Town of WESTFIELDWard 1319103210-107600
3004SAUK Village of MERRIMACWard 131717014228302
2985SAUK Town of IRONTONWard 1307104199-95301
3005SAUK Village of NORTH FREEDOMWard 1306140164-24200
2982SAUK Town of FREEDOMWards 1-2290114174-60101
1774MARINETTE Village of WAUSAUKEEWard 124570169-99303
3001SAUK Village of LAVALLEWard 119957139-82201
3008SAUK Village of ROCK SPRINGSWard 117548122-74113
3003SAUK Village of LOGANVILLEWard 11586194-33102
2998SAUK Village of IRONTONWard 11273689-53101
3014SAUK CITY OF WISCONSIN DELLSWard 41095156-5200
3002SAUK Village of LIME RIDGEWard 1964249-7500
3000SAUK Village of LAKE DELTONWards 4-106514000
JB=38049 DT=38771 Diff=-722