id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3170TAYLOR #VALUE!#VALUE!1068626937657-49641131219
3169TAYLOR City of MEDFORDWards 1-821728031306-50336027
3158TAYLOR Town of MEDFORDWards 1-314373061102-79610016
3155TAYLOR Town of LITTLE BLACKWards 1-2607142441-2998016
3144TAYLOR Town of BROWNINGWard 150190402-312108
3145TAYLOR Town of CHELSEAWard 1448105324-2198011
3164TAYLOR Town of WESTBOROWard 144097331-234507
3161TAYLOR Town of RIB LAKEWards 1-2437110318-208216
3152TAYLOR Town of HAMMELWards 1-243090320-2304016
3167TAYLOR Village of RIB LAKEWard 1419112283-1716018
3150TAYLOR Town of GREENWOODWard 139388294-206506
3147TAYLOR Town of DEER CREEKWard 137461294-2332017
3153TAYLOR Town of HOLWAYWard 131561238-1775011
3149TAYLOR Town of GOODRICHWard 128258212-154507
3168TAYLOR Village of STETSONVILLEWard 128073194-1212011
3157TAYLOR Town of MCKINLEYWard 123329201-172201
3156TAYLOR Town of MAPLEHURSTWard 121836179-143003
3165TAYLOR Village of GILMANWard 120467134-67003
3159TAYLOR Town of MOLITORWard 120252142-90008
3143TAYLOR Town of AURORAWard 119334152-118007
3162TAYLOR Town of ROOSEVELTWard 119253134-81203
1223JACKSON Village of TAYLORWard 118673110-37300
3154TAYLOR Town of JUMP RIVERWard 116445112-67007
3163TAYLOR Town of TAFTWard 115841114-73201
3151TAYLOR Town of GROVERWard 115632120-88202
3148TAYLOR Town of FORDWard 114731114-83200
3146TAYLOR Town of CLEVELANDWard 114029104-75403
3160TAYLOR Town of PERSHINGWard 1883452-18002
3166TAYLOR Village of LUBLINWard 1561440-26002
JB=5459 DT=15424 Diff=-9965