id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3197TREMPEALEAU #VALUE!#VALUE!1538062858833-2548177262
3184TREMPEALEAU Town of TREMPEALEAUWards 1-21223522687-165904
3190TREMPEALEAU Village of TREMPEALEAUWards 1-21100486585-991725
3178TREMPEALEAU Town of GALEWards 1-31061393647-2541206
3172TREMPEALEAU Town of ARCADIAWards 1-4971308646-338906
3195TREMPEALEAU City of OSSEOWards 1-3946432494-621505
3193TREMPEALEAU City of GALESVILLEWards 1-3880415447-321403
3191TREMPEALEAU City of ARCADIAWards 1-3850348491-143703
3177TREMPEALEAU Town of ETTRICKWards 1-2787329443-1141300
3196TREMPEALEAU City of WHITEHALLWards 1-3785364402-381306
3179TREMPEALEAU Town of HALEWard 1627212411-199201
3192TREMPEALEAU City of BLAIRWards 1-3568247306-591005
3174TREMPEALEAU Town of CALEDONIAWards 1-2565222332-110703
3189TREMPEALEAU Village of STRUMWards 1-2562260294-34602
3183TREMPEALEAU Town of SUMNERWard 1517187322-135502
3194TREMPEALEAU City of INDEPENDENCEWards 1-3511198302-104703
3182TREMPEALEAU Town of PRESTONWards 1-3478171299-128403
3181TREMPEALEAU Town of PIGEONWards 1-2391149233-84801
3171TREMPEALEAU Town of ALBIONWards 1-2384128256-128000
3180TREMPEALEAU Town of LINCOLNWards 1-2343145197-52100
3186TREMPEALEAU Village of ELEVAWard 1342147191-44301
3185TREMPEALEAU Town of UNITYWards 1-2321112203-91402
3187TREMPEALEAU Village of ETTRICKWard 1291128157-29500
3176TREMPEALEAU Town of DODGEWard 1267107157-50201
3173TREMPEALEAU Town of BURNSIDEWards 1-2243105136-31200
3188TREMPEALEAU Village of PIGEON FALLSWard 12031079413200
3175TREMPEALEAU Town of CHIMNEY ROCKWard 116463101-38000
JB=12570 DT=17666 Diff=-5096