id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3231VERNON #VALUE!#VALUE!1592374578218-761182161
3440WAUKESHA Village of VERNONWards 1-11547214643935-24715509
3229VERNON City of VIROQUAWards 1-92502150894955935010
3230VERNON City of WESTBYWards 1-51251650581691703
3215VERNON Town of VIROQUAWards 1-41121508602-94605
3198VERNON Town of BERGENWards 1-3846374459-851003
3209VERNON Town of JEFFERSONWards 1-4710304390-861105
3228VERNON City of HILLSBOROWards 1-4681283385-102706
3203VERNON Town of FRANKLINWards 1-2637242380-138804
3206VERNON Town of HAMBURGWards 1-2595250334-84704
3199VERNON Town of CHRISTIANAWards 1-2585225347-122706
3201VERNON Town of COONWards 1-2479227245-18502
3220VERNON Village of COON VALLEYWard 14612302255600
3226VERNON Village of STODDARDWard 1456221231-10400
3204VERNON Town of GENOAWards 1-2452222227-5300
3207VERNON Town of HARMONYWards 1-3376157212-55510
3223VERNON Village of LA FARGEWard 1375172200-28201
3216VERNON Town of WEBSTERWards 1-237520317033101
3217VERNON Town of WHEATLANDWard 1371163202-39501
3208VERNON Town of HILLSBOROWards 1-3361114247-133000
3213VERNON Town of STERLINGWard 1338113219-106402
3202VERNON Town of FORESTWard 1287102180-78302
3210VERNON Town of KICKAPOOWard 12841431358501
3218VERNON Town of WHITESTOWNWard 126398164-66100
3200VERNON Town of CLINTONWards 1-2245100143-43200
3214VERNON Town of UNIONWards 1-3238112120-8105
3212VERNON Town of STARKWards 1-2235115118-3200
3205VERNON Town of GREENWOODWard 123285146-61100
3211VERNON Town of LIBERTYWard 121211587281000
3224VERNON Village of ONTARIOWard 121077129-52400
3225VERNON Village of READSTOWNWard 119176113-37200
3219VERNON Village of CHASEBURGWard 11597086-16300
3222VERNON Village of GENOAWard 1148836419100
3221VERNON Village of DE SOTOWard 114876697300
3227VERNON VILLAGE OF VIOLAWard 1993959-20100
JB=16378 DT=20371 Diff=-3993