id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3316WASHBURN #VALUE!#VALUE!1037838676334-2467123036
106BAYFIELD City of WASHBURNWards 1-412839443206247012
3314WASHBURN City of SPOONERWards 1-61232534674-1401703
3315WASHBURN City of SHELL LAKEWards 1-2794386396-10803
3300WASHBURN Town of EVERGREENWards 1-2755287453-1661401
3292WASHBURN Town of BASHAWWards 1-3701210475-265804
3305WASHBURN Town of MINONGWards 1-2658269383-114402
3311WASHBURN Town of TREGOWards 1-2640246387-141501
3307WASHBURN Town of SPOONERWards 1-3508184315-131602
3294WASHBURN Town of BEAVER BROOKWards 1-3502175314-1391101
3303WASHBURN Town of LONG LAKEWard 1468184278-94203
3295WASHBURN Town of BIRCHWOODWards 1-3429114301-187804
102BAYFIELD Town of WASHBURNWard 1405256143113303
3304WASHBURN Town of MADGEWards 1-3399157239-82201
3293WASHBURN Town of BASS LAKEWard 1349106240-134201
3310WASHBURN Town of STONE LAKEWard 1337103231-128300
3297WASHBURN Town of CASEYWard 1318130187-57100
3308WASHBURN Town of SPRINGBROOKWard 131293208-1151001
3313WASHBURN Village of MINONGWard 1270101163-62402
3291WASHBURN Town of BARRONETTWard 126591169-78401
3306WASHBURN Town of SARONAWards 1-225571181-110200
3312WASHBURN Village of BIRCHWOODWard 123182143-61402
3296WASHBURN Town of BROOKLYNWard 121782129-47303
3298WASHBURN Town of CHICOGWards 1-221686129-43000
3299WASHBURN Town of CRYSTALWards 1-217152117-65200
362CLARK Town of WASHBURNWard 116835129-94301
3302WASHBURN Town of GULL LAKEWard 11456480-16100
3309WASHBURN Town of STINNETTWard 11263390-57201
3301WASHBURN Town of FROG CREEKWard 1802752-25000
JB=8969 DT=13260 Diff=-4291