id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3566WAUKESHA #VALUE!#VALUE!267996103906159649-55743302326702
3397WAUKESHA Village of HARTLANDWards 1-15598923423528-118676022
3440WAUKESHA Village of VERNONWards 1-11547214643935-24715509
3471WAUKESHA City of DELAFIELDWards 1-14505519912970-97967112
3425WAUKESHA Village of MUKWONAGOWards 1-10486716513122-147176010
3378WAUKESHA Town of MERTONWards 1-3,7-9409011452892-174730017
3511WAUKESHA City of PEWAUKEEWards 1-4399213642571-12074119
3507WAUKESHA City of OCONOMOWOCWards 1-3,13-15384415752210-6354007
3513WAUKESHA City of PEWAUKEEWards 8-10334512652033-7683006
3512WAUKESHA City of PEWAUKEEWards 5-7331912082058-85035010
3431WAUKESHA Village of PEWAUKEEWards 1-5292611951689-4943104
3387WAUKESHA Town of OTTAWAWards 1-527808731855-98231010
3443WAUKESHA Village of WAUKESHAWards 2-627579091813-9042305
3475WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 6-827539021807-9053606
3479WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 15-1626969081751-84321010
3508WAUKESHA City of OCONOMOWOCWards 4-6266610391581-54230012
3478WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 13-1426207811812-10312004
3509WAUKESHA City of OCONOMOWOCWards 7-9,1626009861564-5783905
3510WAUKESHA City of OCONOMOWOCWards 10-1225999631574-61142111
3473WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 1-325708501678-8282518
3377WAUKESHA Town of LISBONWards 4-525488151702-8872601
3374WAUKESHA Town of LISBONWards 1,625387181781-10632906
3370WAUKESHA Town of EAGLEWards 1-425297201773-10532716
3434WAUKESHA Village of SUMMITWards 2-524969601500-5402305
3549WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 3624469781418-44030010
3395WAUKESHA Village of ELM GROVEWards 1-4242611541240-862105
3383WAUKESHA Town of OCONOMOWOCWards 1-2,423906751683-10081905
3444WAUKESHA Village of WAUKESHAWards 7,9-1123677971545-7481403
3381WAUKESHA Town of MUKWONAGOWards 2-3,9-1123476231683-10603602
3477WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 11-1223326661634-9681907
3432WAUKESHA Village of PEWAUKEEWards 6-1022238911301-4101806
3474WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 4-522227751424-6491404
3364WAUKESHA Town of BROOKFIELDWards 2,5-822179251267-3421309
3497WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 1821849111245-3341815
3423WAUKESHA Village of MERTONWards 1-421826251516-8913005
3396WAUKESHA Village of ELM GROVEWards 5-8217310341083-4932012
3366WAUKESHA Town of DELAFIELDWards 1-2,5-621287141388-6741704
3363WAUKESHA Town of BROOKFIELDWards 1,3-4,1020999251138-2132304
3385WAUKESHA Town of OCONOMOWOCWards 5,8-920676241416-7921407
3438WAUKESHA Village of SUSSEXWards 4,620568501180-3301805
3379WAUKESHA Town of MERTONWards 4-6,10-1120466321396-7641303
3476WAUKESHA City of MUSKEGOWards 9-1020146961294-5981516
3441WAUKESHA Village of WALESWards 1-519877201228-5082214
3373WAUKESHA Town of GENESEEWards 6-819496021317-7152405
3384WAUKESHA Town of OCONOMOWOCWards 3,6-718756271229-6021501
3437WAUKESHA Village of SUSSEXWards 3,518406501170-5201504
3544WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 3118207731021-2481911
3484WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 51811820964-1441705
3506WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 2718107501022-2722804
3435WAUKESHA Village of SUSSEXWards 1,718077131064-3512105
3495WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 1618047421038-2962012
3525WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 121803856914-582207
3530WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 171790763993-2302407
3503WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 241752781949-1681203
3487WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 817487051006-3012703
3372WAUKESHA Town of GENESEEWards 2,4,10-1117405791141-5621202
3543WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 301713761915-15422010
3371WAUKESHA Town of GENESEEWards 1,3,5,916885121159-6471103
3382WAUKESHA Town of MUKWONAGOWards 4-616804641183-7192303
3533WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 201603718861-1431703
3548WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 351564657878-2211714
3551WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 381546737779-422404
3428WAUKESHA Village of NORTH PRAIRIEWards 1-315294371071-6341702
3488WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 91509643843-2001603
3400WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 11498615864-249906
3369WAUKESHA Town of DELAFIELDWards 9-111492571898-3271500
3436WAUKESHA Village of SUSSEXWards 2,81492532931-3992124
3522WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 91489629828-1992604
3505WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 2614744311021-5901315
3500WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 211470584858-2741615
3391WAUKESHA Village of DOUSMANWards 1-31463512935-423803
3375WAUKESHA Town of LISBONWard 21461463983-5201301
3416WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 171460678760-821315
3367WAUKESHA Town of DELAFIELDWards 3-41450457970-5131502
3453WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 81441690729-391215
3450WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 51434629786-1571104
3413WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 141421637759-1221604
3448WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 31416601786-1852004
3545WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 321399657718-611913
3394WAUKESHA Village of EAGLEWards 1-213923351024-6892902
3420WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 211390656719-631000
3447WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 21389617751-1341206
3482WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 31379591758-1672204
3418WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 191365580760-1801803
3414WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 151361557779-2221604
3501WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 221361659679-201003
3455WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 101361616723-1071306
3469WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 241360624716-921206
3532WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 191360659664-52903
3480WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 11358595744-1491105
3419WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 201349614709-951407
3467WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 221339630682-521808
3380WAUKESHA Town of MUKWONAGOWards 1,7-81333370939-5691215
3457WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 121324585712-1271316
3412WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 131307543743-2001105
3422WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 231297492784-2921205
3458WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 131293562716-1541101
3494WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 151289439833-3941600
3417WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 181288603649-462703
3405WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 61287582682-1001605
3465WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 201281571696-1251201
3446WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 11271560693-133907
3462WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 171252560677-117723
3534WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 211250565663-981703
3546WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 331239540671-1312602
3402WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 31235507704-1972100
3456WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 11123164257567603
3514WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 11221608587212213
3515WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 21220562638-761503
3483WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 41164521625-1041402
3468WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 231139574547271202
3454WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 91118490609-119606
3433WAUKESHA Village of SUMMITWards 1,61096309768-4591202
3460WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 151086457608-1511103
3519WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 6107252852172102
3526WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 131066453598-145804
3466WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 211056534508261202
3527WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 141050501517-162504
3518WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 510445744431312003
3389WAUKESHA Village of BUTLERWards 1-31039424588-1641806
3535WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 221031487517-302310
3407WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 81029473530-572002
3368WAUKESHA Town of DELAFIELDWards 7-81008323661-3381406
3463WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 18998413572-159614
3421WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 22996417563-1461104
3459WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 14988412562-150902
3481WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 2983397562-1651515
3427WAUKESHA Village of NASHOTAHWards 1-3979348620-272702
3442WAUKESHA Village of WAUKESHAWards 1,8973375576-2011407
3408WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 9971447498-512302
3452WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 7966472480-8503
3536WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 23961461485-241001
3388WAUKESHA Village of BIG BENDWards 1-4959263683-420701
3404WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 5944400519-1191706
3502WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 23937377546-1691101
3550WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 37923404492-882005
3401WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 2912406498-92304
3409WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 10895348532-184905
3399WAUKESHA Village of LANNONWards 1-2877330540-210600
3504WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 25859283558-2751700
3464WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 19856389459-70303
3410WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 11855413433-20600
3531WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 18826453360931003
3451WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 6807318477-159701
3376WAUKESHA Town of LISBONWard 3786232547-315500
3449WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 4777324442-118704
3520WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 7757322407-852104
3537WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 24738390331591401
3415WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 16729283431-148804
3529WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 1670835534312901
3528WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 15693356318381602
3490WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 11691224463-239300
3411WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 12683344323211005
3538WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 25641330290401503
3403WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 4640284336-521602
3523WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 10637275350-75900
3517WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 4587271303-32801
3524WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 11528230285-551200
3485WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 652228522857502
3406WAUKESHA Village of MENOMONEE FALLSWard 7516198307-109901
3461WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 16498192301-109400
3541WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 28484254217371001
3539WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 26475274182921400
3542WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 2945723820533805
3430WAUKESHA Village of OCONOMOWOC LAKEWard 1443111323-212700
3516WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 3408169226-57507
3390WAUKESHA Village of CHENEQUAWards 1-3401120281-161000
3499WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 20393140243-103503
3547WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 343281631594600
3365WAUKESHA Town of BROOKFIELDWard 9310129175-46300
3489WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 1029094187-93800
3498WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 19267101165-64100
3398WAUKESHA Village of LAC LA BELLEWard 124583157-74201
3521WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 82421221157400
3492WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 1322287133-46101
3496WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 1720686119-33100
3491WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 1218756125-69301
3486WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 71214576-31000
3439WAUKESHA Village of SUSSEXWards 9-121143677-41100
3424WAUKESHA Village of MERTONWards 5-6922071-51100
3540WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 2789533221301
3386WAUKESHA Town of OCONOMOWOCWard 1021912-3000
3493WAUKESHA City of NEW BERLINWard 14834-1100
3445WAUKESHA Village of WAUKESHAWard 12514-3000
3563WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 503303000
3393WAUKESHA Village of DOUSMANWard 5303-3000
3392WAUKESHA Village of DOUSMANWard 4303-3000
3552WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 39202-2000
3559WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 462110000
3429WAUKESHA Village of NORTH PRAIRIEWard 4101-1000
3470WAUKESHA City of BROOKFIELDWard 250000000
3565WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 520000000
3564WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 510000000
3562WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 490000000
3561WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 480000000
3560WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 470000000
3558WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 450000000
3557WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 440000000
3556WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 430000000
3555WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 420000000
3426WAUKESHA Village of MUKWONAGOWard 120000000
3553WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 400000000
3554WAUKESHA City of WAUKESHAWard 410000000
JB=207812 DT=319298 Diff=-111486