id County Municipality Reporting Unit Total JB DT Dif JJ KW Others
3633WAUSHARA #VALUE!#VALUE!1356843889016-4628115049
3614WAUSHARA Town of MARIONWards 1-41335436887-451507
3613WAUSHARA Town of LEONWards 1-3939287641-354902
3622WAUSHARA Town of SPRINGWATERWards 1-2903340553-213604
3624WAUSHARA Town of WAUTOMAWards 1-3840282546-264408
3632WAUSHARA City of WAUTOMAWards 1-3840341485-1441202
3615WAUSHARA Town of MOUNT MORRISWards 1-2767248514-266401
3608WAUSHARA Town of BLOOMFIELDWards 1-2676165503-338800
3621WAUSHARA Town of SAXEVILLEWard 1660217433-216802
3610WAUSHARA Town of DAKOTAWards 1-2623197424-227200
3607WAUSHARA Town of AURORAWard 1609159438-279606
3618WAUSHARA Town of POY SIPPIWard 1556118427-309803
3629WAUSHARA Village of REDGRANITEWards 1-3458142312-170301
3611WAUSHARA Town of DEERFIELDWard 1454169279-110501
3609WAUSHARA Town of COLOMAWard 1424138282-144202
3620WAUSHARA Town of ROSEWards 1-2411167243-76100
3630WAUSHARA Village of WILD ROSEWard 1401176217-41305
3628WAUSHARA Village of PLAINFIELDWard 1390151232-81700
3623WAUSHARA Town of WARRENWard 1376119257-138000
3612WAUSHARA Town of HANCOCKWard 1333101226-125402
3617WAUSHARA Town of PLAINFIELDWard 130173221-148700
3619WAUSHARA Town of RICHFORDWards 1-226461201-140200
3625WAUSHARA Village of COLOMAWard 126273183-110402
3616WAUSHARA Town of OASISWard 124766180-114100
3626WAUSHARA Village of HANCOCKWard 122179141-62001
3627WAUSHARA Village of LOHRVILLEWard 121564149-85200
3631WAUSHARA CITY OF BERLINWard 7631942-23200
JB=8776 DT=18032 Diff=-9256