This is another VBAN utility to view data supplied by the WEC. In the 190F dataset, the data was about ballots, not how Reporting Units (RUs) voted. We obtained another WEC dataset and merged vote data with the 190F data. In all forensic investigations, we look for clues by combining other official data. In this case, we look at ward concentrations across all 3698 RUs.

Example: RUs (polling locations) with only 1 Ward: 2297 which represents 40% of the total ballots cast. A total of 1,329,309 ballots were cast for 1 Ward RUs. In this 1 Ward category, JB received 247,081 more votes than DT. Total votes counted compared to total ballots cast is off by 3,231. LUCY, PLZ SPLAIN    Source (WEC XLS files): 190F | Ward Votes

1 Ward WARNING: If you click this, you will get 2297 rows of what might appear to be gibberish
RUs=2297  Ballots=1329309  % of TB=0.4034478425869
Regs=1508010  LERs=130979  TRegs=1638989   nCAVA559355 +IPAB240507 = 799862
JB=774851  DT=527770  DIFF=247081  TV=1326078  B/V=1.0024365082597  B-V=3231  Ext=8008
2 Wards (way less potential gibberish)
RUs=640  Ballots=511136  % of TB=0.15513076077007
Regs=541886  LERs=44546  TRegs=586432    nCAVA172729 +IPAB79220 = 251949
JB=209943  DT=289491  DIFF=-79548  TV=507571  B/V=1.0070236479231  B-V=3565  Ext=22981
3 Wards
RUs=330  Ballots=415284  % of TB=0.12603949409871
Regs=451468  LERs=36975  TRegs=488443     nCAVA151485 +IPAB81281 = 232766
JB=171573  DT=240526  DIFF=-68953  TV=419100  B/V=0.99089477451682  B-V=-3816  Ext=-30276
4 Wards
RUs=178  Ballots=334081  % of TB=0.10139422715055
Regs=359932  LERs=26558  TRegs=386490   nCAVA136085 +IPAB77172 = 213257
JB=151399  DT=173876  DIFF=-22477  TV=330893  B/V=1.0096345344265  B-V=3188  Ext=31442
5 Wards
RUs=82  Ballots=173770  % of TB=0.052739529790535
Regs=184568  LERs=13770  TRegs=198338   nCAVA72754 +IPAB38364 = 111118
JB=78156  DT=88604  DIFF=-10448  TV=169549  B/V=1.0248954579502  B-V=4221  Ext=80035
6 Wards
RUs=146  Ballots=323045  % of TB=0.098044779888263
Regs=343275  LERs=27556  TRegs=370831   nCAVA57679 +IPAB37956 = 95635
JB=142323  DT=169556  DIFF=-27233  TV=317357  B/V=1.0179230330511  B-V=5688  Ext=58014
7 Wards
RUs=29  Ballots=69030  % of TB=0.020950737995285
Regs=74419  LERs=6582  TRegs=81001   nCAVA25469 +IPAB15922 = 41391
JB=30024  DT=37592  DIFF=-7568  TV=68810  B/V=1.0031972097079  B-V=220  Ext=10501
8 Wards
RUs=24  Ballots=75235  % of TB=0.022833967450025
Regs=80771  LERs=6598  TRegs=87369   nCAVA29713 +IPAB19351 = 49064
JB=30792  DT=41250  DIFF=-10458  TV=73249  B/V=1.0271129981297  B-V=1986  Ext=86976
9 Wards
RUs=15  Ballots=54850  % of TB=0.016647080675668
Regs=58951  LERs=5210  TRegs=64161   nCAVA20958 +IPAB14544 = 35502
JB=25263  DT=28318  DIFF=-3055  TV=54586  B/V=1.004836404939  B-V=264  Ext=15859
10 Wards
RUs=10  Ballots=37437  % of TB=0.011362201627256
Regs=39620  LERs=3053  TRegs=42673   nCAVA14451 +IPAB10949 = 25400
JB=15611  DT=21060  DIFF=-5449  TV=37287  B/V=1.0040228497868  B-V=150  Ext=13202
11 Wards
RUs=7  Ballots=31389  % of TB=0.0095266219749963
Regs=33149  LERs=2303  TRegs=35452   nCAVA12295 +IPAB9121 = 21416
JB=13505  DT=17284  DIFF=-3779  TV=31288  B/V=1.0032280746612  B-V=101  Ext=10602
12 Wards
RUs=4  Ballots=14479  % of TB=0.0043944043956791
Regs=15723  LERs=1415  TRegs=17138    nCAVA4954 +IPAB3937 = 8891
JB=6758  DT=7387  DIFF=-629  TV=14439  B/V=1.0027702749498  B-V=40  Ext=9102
13 Wards
RUs=5  Ballots=26522  % of TB=0.008049478098087
Regs=28687  LERs=2437  TRegs=31124   nCAVA11313 +IPAB6244 = 17557
JB=13423  DT=12490  DIFF=933  TV=26419  B/V=1.0038987092623  B-V=103  Ext=12796
14 Wards
RUs=6  Ballots=29917  % of TB=0.0090798671389966
Regs=32358  LERs=2609  TRegs=34967   nCAVA12498 +IPAB7563 = 20061
JB=13900  DT=15367  DIFF=-1467  TV=29793  B/V=1.0041620514886  B-V=124  Ext=13657
15 Wards
RUs=4  Ballots=16171  % of TB=0.0049079296555375
Regs=17391  LERs=1689  TRegs=19080   nCAVA5771 +IPAB4504 = 10275
JB=7020  DT=8758  DIFF=-1738  TV=16099  B/V=1.0044723274738  B-V=72  Ext=14670
16 Wards
RUs=1  Ballots=4608  % of TB=0.0013985368779121
Regs=5095  LERs=437  TRegs=5532   nCAVA1737 +IPAB1250 = 2987
JB=2154  DT=2376  DIFF=-222  TV=4593  B/V=1.0032658393207  B-V=15  Ext=10725
17, 18, 19 Wards
No RUs had this qty of wards
20 Wards
RUs=1  Ballots=20204  % of TB=0.0061319529256372
Regs=21754  LERs=1537  TRegs=23291   nCAVA11726 +IPAB4762 = 16488
JB=13983  DT=5758  DIFF=8225  TV=20134  B/V=1.0034767060693  B-V=70  Ext=11416
21 Wards
RUs=1  Ballots=2175  % of TB=0.00066011669042075
Regs=2412  LERs=204  TRegs=2616    nCAVA877 +IPAB444 = 1321
JB=1083  DT=1020  DIFF=63  TV=2171  B/V=1.0018424689083  B-V=4  Ext=6060
1-21 Wards
RUs=3698  Ballots=3294872  % of TB=1
Regs=3614901  LERs=300688  TRegs=3915589   nCAVA1301849 +IPAB653091 = 1954940
JB=1623605  DT=1599879  DIFF=23726  TV=3279867  B/V=1.0045748806278  B-V=15005