List RUs with Wards Where Min>6 AND Max<8

(1536) W=7 LINCOLN Town of MERRILL Wards 1-7 TB=1770 TV=1768 R=1942  JB=583 DT=1167 B+T=1750 nCAVA=465 IPAB=197 [ES ]
(2312) W=7 ONEIDA Town of MINOCQUA Wards 1-7 TB=3578 TV=3559 R=3803  JB=1423 DT=2093 B+T=3516 nCAVA=1561 IPAB=641 [SQ ]
(796) W=7 DOUGLAS City of SUPERIOR Wards 4-6,9-12 TB=2885 TV=2876 R=3269  JB=1622 DT=1187 B+T=2809 nCAVA=1090 IPAB=444 [ES ]
(797) W=7 DOUGLAS City of SUPERIOR Wards 13-16,20-22 TB=2797 TV=2790 R=3148  JB=1721 DT=988 B+T=2709 nCAVA=1182 IPAB=454 [ES ]
(798) W=7 DOUGLAS City of SUPERIOR Wards 23-29 TB=2944 TV=2931 R=3234  JB=1729 DT=1149 B+T=2878 nCAVA=1260 IPAB=409 [ES ]
(2337) W=7 OUTAGAMIE Town of CENTER Wards 1-7 TB=2519 TV=2506 R=2580  JB=753 DT=1730 B+T=2483 nCAVA=792 IPAB=582 [ES ]
(71) W=7 BARRON City of BARRON Wards 1-7 TB=1545 TV=1532 R=1752  JB=683 DT=837 B+T=1520 nCAVA=499 IPAB=317 [SQ ]
(2633) W=7 PRICE City of PARK FALLS Wards 1-7 TB=1173 TV=1172 R=1274  JB=517 DT=637 B+T=1154 nCAVA=321 IPAB=177 [DS ]
(2635) W=7 RACINE Town of BURLINGTON Wards 1-7 TB=2399 TV=2390 R=2482  JB=746 DT=1604 B+T=2350 nCAVA=712 IPAB=838 [DS ]
(2897) W=7 ST CROIX Town of TROY Wards 1-7 TB=3875 TV=3859 R=4080  JB=1665 DT=2113 B+T=3778 nCAVA=1393 IPAB=1183 [ES ]
(3164) W=7 VILAS Town of ARBOR VITAE Wards 1-7 TB=2306 TV=2303 R=2459  JB=899 DT=1366 B+T=2265 nCAVA=992 IPAB=446 [DS ]
(3168) W=7 VILAS Town of LAC DU FLAMBEAU Wards 1-7 TB=1630 TV=1624 R=2015  JB=977 DT=634 B+T=1611 nCAVA=549 IPAB=335 [DS ]
(2662) W=7 RACINE Village of UNION GROVE Wards 1-7 TB=2714 TV=2706 R=2880  JB=916 DT=1725 B+T=2641 nCAVA=721 IPAB=847 [DS ]
(2663) W=7 RACINE Village of WATERFORD Wards 1-7 TB=3441 TV=3432 R=3595  JB=1157 DT=2228 B+T=3385 nCAVA=1184 IPAB=1267 [DS ]
(3190) W=7 WALWORTH Town of LYONS Wards 1-7 TB=2188 TV=2180 R=2239  JB=728 DT=1427 B+T=2155 nCAVA=667 IPAB=443 [DS ]
(2941) W=7 SAUK Village of LAKE DELTON Wards 4-10 TB=6 TV=6 R=5  JB=5 DT=1 B+T=6 nCAVA=4 IPAB=1 [ES ]
(3210) W=7 WALWORTH City of ELKHORN Wards 1-7 TB=5082 TV=5068 R=5385  JB=2082 DT=2879 B+T=4961 nCAVA=1848 IPAB=1290 [DS ]
(939) W=7 FLORENCE Town of FLORENCE Wards 1-7 TB=1339 TV=1332 R=1464  JB=407 DT=911 B+T=1318 nCAVA=595 IPAB=126 [SQ ]
(1733) W=7 MARINETTE City of PESHTIGO Wards 1-7 TB=1601 TV=1596 R=1811  JB=559 DT=1015 B+T=1574 nCAVA=513 IPAB=320 [SQ ]
(3526) W=7 WAUPACA City of CLINTONVILLE Wards 1-7 TB=1941 TV=1935 R=2286  JB=718 DT=1176 B+T=1894 nCAVA=652 IPAB=290 [DS SQ ]
(456) W=7 DANE Town of DUNN Wards 1-7 TB=3625 TV=3618 R=3787  JB=2289 DT=1264 B+T=3553 nCAVA=1601 IPAB=1048 [ES ]
(971) W=7 FOND DU LAC Village of NORTH FOND DU LAC Wards 1-7 TB=2574 TV=2568 R=2787  JB=1129 DT=1387 B+T=2516 nCAVA=896 IPAB=510 [DS ]
(3566) W=7 WINNEBAGO Town of CLAYTON Wards 1-7 TB=2927 TV=2919 R=3025  JB=1001 DT=1862 B+T=2863 nCAVA=1216 IPAB=823 [DS ]
(1264) W=7 JUNEAU City of ELROY Wards 1-7 TB=592 TV=590 R=661  JB=251 DT=327 B+T=578 nCAVA=150 IPAB=82 [SQ ]
(1265) W=7 JUNEAU City of MAUSTON Wards 1-7 TB=1825 TV=1814 R=1984  JB=790 DT=989 B+T=1779 nCAVA=538 IPAB=441 [SQ ]
(1266) W=7 JUNEAU City of NEW LISBON Wards 1-7 TB=694 TV=693 R=724  JB=206 DT=472 B+T=678 nCAVA=124 IPAB=76 [SQ ]
(1269) W=7 KENOSHA Town of RANDALL Wards 1-7 TB=2056 TV=2052 R=2235  JB=650 DT=1366 B+T=2016 nCAVA=524 IPAB=712 [ES ]
(2302) W=7 OCONTO City of OCONTO Wards 1-7 TB=2226 TV=2221 R=2469  JB=810 DT=1379 B+T=2189 nCAVA=685 IPAB=571 [DS ]
(511) W=7 DANE Village of WAUNAKEE Wards 6-12 TB=4778 TV=4770 R=5044  JB=3008 DT=1679 B+T=4687 nCAVA=2735 IPAB=1052 [ES ]

RUs=29  Ballots=69030  % of TB=0.020950737995285
Regs=74419  LERs=6582  TRegs=81001  nCAVA25469 +IPAB15922 = 41391
JB=30024  DT=37592  DIFF=-7568  TV=68810  B/V=1.0031972097079  B-V=220  Ext=10501