The Sauce Board

Cutting Through The Noise

TSB is an AI-based system that collects and organizes topic-specific data so those within a private trusted group can moderate news and events that support specific objectives. This could be corporate research to stay on top of market trends or political opposition research to prep for an election.

As of 12/05/2023 06:20:10 pm our development system has retrieved 6401 reference items. Of that quantity, all have been reviewed with total of 58% posted to the public. (much of the Sauce data is private/confidential, not visible to the public)

Most recent sauce entry was made 20 minutes ago

While TSN has been evolving for years, this current development iteration was born 2 yr 9 m and 1 d ago.

What we have here is a small sample of the items within our current system. This was created to give you an taste of the data we are using to improve our retrieval and connection algorithms. TSB is a self-learning AI tool we need to feed often to grow and improve.

If you're interested, click About to learn more. Otherwise, click the other around to view some random things happening in the world.

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